Sailor Moon R episodes 71 and 72 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon R episode 71 - Beruche vs. Sailor Mercury in a chess game

The latest two episodes of Sailor Moon R were added to Hulu and Neon Alley this Monday morning. This week we see episodes 71 and 72 which deal with the fate of the rest of the Ayakashi sisters Berthier, Petz and Calaveras. These episodes were the last two included in DiC’s original dub of Sailor Moon. Following these was a lengthy break of a couple of years before the next episodes were finally dubbed. For a lot of people who watched Sailor Moon in the mid 90s and grew out of it, these were probably the last episodes they watched!

Sailor Moon R episode 71 - Beruche freezing herself

Episode 71, For Friendship: Ami vs. Bertheir, is all about chess. Ami has been hanging out as this chess tower which is shaped like a giant rook. Berthier, of the Ayakashi sisters, who happens to have a very similar power as Sailor Mercury also happens to have a similar interest in chess! It made a bit more sense that Koan happened to face off against Sailor Mars twice since she simply attacked the shrine she lived and worked at twice but the coincidence of Berthier encountering Ami twice is a bit silly. Regardless, a fierce all or nothing chess game is played and amped up with some magical chess pieces that freeze the loser. Sailor Mercury wins, since she’s incredibly smart, and Berthier gives up on life. Having learned from the last episode that she can be healed, Sailor Moon heals Berthier and she’s happy with her sister Koan once again! Hooray!

Sailor Moon R episode 72 - Chibiusa watching Sailor Moon transform

Episode 72, Rubeus the Heartless: The Tragic Sisters, takes care of the last two Ayakashi sisters. The first event isn’t really relevant to the episode itself but has some importance in the next few episodes. As Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Guardians transform Chibiusa is shoved in a closet type thing and sees them all transforming. This is a huge revelation for her as she always liked Sailor Moon but hated Usagi. Hard to reconcile these two things! Such are the perils of a secret identity. Finally when Chibiusa sees Sailor Moon use the Silver Crystal later in the episode Chibiusa realizes that she needs to get a hand on that thing to go back to the future to save her mother. The main plot of the episode has Petz and Calaveras fighting over this magic wand thing, nearly killing each other, and of course getting healed! Ultimately all four of the Ayakashi sisters are reunited and they open up “Beauty Quartette”, a small shop which sells beauty supplies. I’m not sure the business model is rock solid, as one person would easily have been able to run this small shop, but now these four are splitting the profits not to mention being stuck in 20th century Tokyo with no credit history, valid ID or a past. It won’t be easy making a life for themselves, but it’s probably better than trying to live on a dead, desolate prison planet.

Sailor Moon R episode 72 - The Ayakashi Sisters' Beauty Quartette

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7 thoughts on “Sailor Moon R episodes 71 and 72 are now available on Hulu

  1. Those sisters are such drama queens! I can’t wait to see them on Crystal. I wonder if they will kill them off by Sailor Moon or the other villains to try and keep Usagi’s hands clean? Or will Crystal have them redeemed somehow?

    • I didn’t start watching Sailor Moon until after the break, I watched a marathon while I was sick one day that had all of the “lost episodes”. So R was my starting point.

  2. I was one of the kids lucky enough to watch the original DiC run of Sailor Moon, and man was that a frustrating time! It was years before my bff and I managed to find a fan subber online (back in the days when you’d get VHS copies from them in the mail!), and we started with episode 73, to finally find out what the hell happened next!

    So glad to be so spoiled by today’s internet.

    • And I bet those fan subs were crazy expensive too. I remember how a VHS tape with two episodes of anime could cost $50. DVD wasn’t much better at first either. Then came the amazing boxsets and then Blu ray!
      And fans now say that anime is an expensive hobby!

      • Absolutely not! Fan subbing is illegal, so legit fansub groups only asked for the price of shipping and the VHS tapes themselves. We got all sorts of shows and it usually ran us about $7 a tape.

        The pirate copies were definitely expensive. I got a VHS copy of the Sailor Moon S movie for something like $45 at some weird clothing store in the mall once.

        • Wow, just $7. I sure wish I’d had/known about that option back then. I always waited for official releases and they were so expensive. I got took by a site called (or something like that) and ended up paying a hefty price for bootlegs that looked legitimate. The site owners swore they were official…but the releases from their included commercials and missing bits of the episodes. They made it up to me by giving me a discount on card captor sakura…which ended up also being a bootleg…oh well, live and learn I guess. The last time I got a bootleg was Ebay. The guy showed pictures of the real deal then sent out discs he’d burned. Thankfully Ebay made him refund me and hopefully the others he was scamming.

  3. I love the sisters, I´ve written some stories about them and their new lifes. It´s interesting the opinion in this article. They don´t have credit, ID or any other thing as humans. But at least in my stories Artemis and Luna can do something about that.

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