The first half of Sailor Moon R, including the previously unreleased episode 67, are now available for digital download

Sailor Moon R Digital Download cover art

While the first half of the first season of Sailor Moon is available to buy today on Blu-Ray and DVD the first half of Sailor Moon R is now available in Japanese with English subtitles in digital download from Amazon Instant and Xbox Video. We previously only posted about the first half of season 1 being available digitally but while I wasn’t paying attention not only was the second half released, but now the first half of the second season, Sailor Moon R, is available as well. Some other distributers such as iTunes and the PlayStation Store only have the full first season available at this time.

Sailor  Moon R episode 67 - Chibiusa riding Kirin

These episodes include the never before released Sailor Moon R episode 67, The Beach, the Island and a Vacation: The Guardians’ Break. This episode was never dubbed into English and, when ADV released their completely terrible “Uncut” Season 2 they very deceptively excluded this episode. They even split the season into two parts before and after this episode so that you needed to pay attention to notice that the set included episode 47 to 66 and then 68 to 89. The episode is not terribly relevant to the rest of the season as it features Chibiusa getting upset at her friends due to a limited menu selection, getting lost at sea and befriending what appears to be a Plesiosaur which is impressive given the fact that they went extinct along with 3/4 of the Earth’s plants and animals some 65 million years ago. Chibiusa, who is herself living in the wrong time, doesn’t seem to be bothered by the appearance of a living dinosaur and calls it Kirin, which means giraffe, due to it’s long neck.

ADV uncut Sailor Moon R excludes episode 67

ADV doesn’t know what uncut means

The final episode in this chunk is episode 68 – Protect Chibi-Usa: Clash of the Ten Warriors. This covers 22 of the 44 episodes of Sailor Moon R, exactly half of the season.

Sailor  Moon R episode 67 - Kirin and her mother

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4 thoughts on “The first half of Sailor Moon R, including the previously unreleased episode 67, are now available for digital download

  1. I was so angry back when I bought the ADV set…It was completely false advertisement and they did nothing to apologize. It was so obvious this was a quick cash grab since they could have easily explained it was missing one episode. I still own both set so their awful quality uncut set. The boxes were nice and that was about it.
    There is even one episode where inexplicably the English audio track starts to play! How does that even happen?

  2. So, if anyone hasn’t heard yet about the quality of the episodes in this release, I have some rather bad news…

    Apparently the quality of the episodes on the blu-ray is so bad it is worse than the quality of the freaking DVDs released in other territories! What a huge disappointment! First ADV and now Viz. What, is there some rule that says “Any uncut Sailor Moon release in North America is required to be in terrible quality.”?

    I was so excited to finally get uncut Sailor Moon in blu-ray quality, and this is the best Viz can give to US territory release people? Absolutely pathetic. It looks like they put the episodes together in about one day with no care or effort whatsoever. The monkeys working the encoding controls sure are lucky I wasn’t in charge of this project, because if I was, they would have been fired the instant they tried turning in the garbage encodes contained on these discs. Oh well, at least I get to save all that money I was planning on giving Viz for this series. Um….yay?

    I’m sorry for the rant, but I am just so angry and disheartened right now.

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