New Sailor Moon cell phone cases and stickers from Bandai

Sailor Moon cell phone cases from Bandai

If you have one of the more popular cell phone models you’re in luck. The official Sailor Moon site has announced that Bandai is releasing relatively inexpensive cell phone cases and stickers in Japan. The most recently announced items are a series of nine cell phone case designs for the iPhone (4, 4S and 5), Xperia (Z and A) and Galaxy (SIII and S4). You can buy them from the Bandai Premium site. There are a wide variety of designs available, each priced at 2,100 yen, which is about $21 US.

Sailor Moon cell phone cases - All designs

In addition to these cases some cell phone stickers were announced a short while back. There are a privacy protector and sticker case for the iPhone 5 and some smaller stickers which could be placed on virtually any cell phone. These items are available for pre-order from CD Japan. You can access these from the following links: Sticker case, privacy protector, group sticker, Sailor Moon sticker and Crystal Star Brooch sticker. They are priced anywhere from about $4 to $7 US.

Sailor Moon iPhone stickers

Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles

Sailor Moon cell phone stickers

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