Bandai’s Sailor Moon figure’s price, pre-order info and 1st edition exclusives

S.H. Figuarts Luna figure is a 1st edition exclusive

The Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA Facebook page has posted some new information about Bandai’s new S. H. Figuarts Sailor Moon figure. They specify the North American sale time to be in August or September. The MSRP is $42.99, pretty much equivalent to the Japanese price we saw earlier. It is also mentioned that the two new face we recently saw, that being the winking and crying Sailor Moon faces, will be 1st edition exclusives. Additionally the Luna figure which accompanies Sailor Moon is also a 1st edition exclusive.

Sailor Moon figure crying face

Online store G. G. Infinite already has the figure up for pre-order. The cost on their site is $42.29 and they mention the figure will be released in September.

Sailor Moon figure winking face

Thanks to Sailor Otaku for pointing this out on Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Bandai’s Sailor Moon figure’s price, pre-order info and 1st edition exclusives

  1. It seems like GG Infinite has a fine reputation in general, but it’s certainly not as well known as most. But the only other people offering pre-orders on an item (which is not even officially available for pre-order) are on eBay. Plus, this article is pretty confusing since you’re pointing out the specifics about the first edition, but those pieces are not highlighted or pictured on GG Infinite’s pre-order page. Not to mention it comes out in August, but GG Infinite says September.

    In a late night sleepy frenzy I pre-ordered the figure through GG Infinite. When I tried to contact them for confirmation and details of the pre-order, I got no response. PayPal had actually flagged the order as pending for review, which makes me wonder if GG Infinite has indeed gotten a sketchy reputation – but it could have be coincidence. Since I was getting no where I just asked PayPal to please void it and they were kind enough to do so. THEN I got an email from GG Infinite saying they were sorry to inform me that my payment had failed…

    Uhh. So, not too impressed. I think the majority of the fandom community is right in saying we should all just wait until May 8th for officially sanctioned and licensed pre-orders and avoid this kind of thing.

    • We’ll know more in a few days when the official pre-orders are up. I imagine your order with G.G. Infinite is fine. Worst case it would just get canceled and refunded. I can’t say for sure but if you have any issues please let us know. Don’t want to be suggesting fans buy stuff from unreputable sources.

  2. Luna isn’t a 1st edition exclusive. A fan asked on Facebook, and they said it comes with all versions. It’s just the two extra face plates that are exclusive

    • Thanks. Do you have a link to that post or can you clarify where I can find that information so that I can use it as a source?

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