“L’amour & la beauté” Sailor Venus shirt available all day Thursday at Ript Apparel

L'amour et la beauté - Sailor Venus short at Ript Apparel

This great looking Sailor Venus art nouveau shirt will be available beginning at midnight on January 17th. The shirt will be $10 at Ript Apparel for one day only.

This shirt is designed by Eriphyle who previously designed many shirts including similar styled art nouveau Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars shirts. I have both those shirts and am quite happy with how they turned out. Check out Eriphyle’s web site and facebook page for more of her other art and to keep up to date with new stuff.

This shirt features not only Sailor Venus but also Sailor V as well as Artemis. The caption “L’amour et la beauté” is French for “Love and Beauty”. If you missed the 24 hour window you can order this shirt and others like it from this Redbubble store.

What’s next for this kind of image? Well the artist is already working on a Sailor Jupiter image like this. You can watch this live stream to see her doing some colouring of that image. A preview is included below.

Sailor Jupiter - Art Nouveau - Sample

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4 thoughts on ““L’amour & la beauté” Sailor Venus shirt available all day Thursday at Ript Apparel

  1. You wouldn’t happen to know where I might find the sailor moon and sailor mars version of this shirt. I really love how they are done and would be thrilled to have them. I noticed that both shirts were placed on sites that had only 24 hour sales of these shirts. Unfortunately, I missed both because I did not know of either site at the time. If you could help that would be amazing.

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