The Sailor Moon Cosmos films are coming to Blu-ray and DVD in Japan on December 20th

Sailor Moon Cosmos DVD and Blu-ray announcement

Good news for those who like to spend a lot of money to import movies they don’t understand! The official Sailor Moon site has announced that Sailor Moon Cosmos Parts 1 and 2 will be release on regular and limited edition DVD and Blu-ray sets on December 20th 2023! As with other Japanese Sailor Moon releases this will only include Japanese audio with no English subtitles. Japanese Blu-ray discs are region A so they will play in a North American Blu-ray player however their DVDs are Region 2 which won’t play on a North American player. You can watch the short trailer for the Blu-ray release below.

There are two version of each of the Blu-ray and DVD release and they aren’t cheap! The single disc Blu-ray or DVD, which somehow costs the same in 2023, has an MSRP of 10,000 yen, about $69 US. The four disc sets also costs the same on DVD and Blu-ray with an MSRP of 16,000 yen or $110 US. What’s the difference? The four disc set has a second DVD or Blu-ray with special features including an anime music video, likely the one we got with the soundtrack, creditless openings for the films as well as two CDs with music from the films.

There are also vendor exclusive special incentives from a number of retailers. There are acrylic figures with different characters being included with the films from different retailers. Those are even more expensive than the regular four disc set though price varies slightly between retailers.

So when do we get to see the movies here? We still don’t have any news about a release of the Sailor Moon Cosmos films outside of Japan but that doesn’t stop people from speculating! As the Sailor Moon Eternal films were released on Netflix less than a month prior to the Japanese Blu-ray release of those movies many are thinking that we will be seeing these movies either in theatres or on Netflix, before December 20th. I’m not totally convinced of this timeline as it seems odd to time a North American release with a Japanese home video release, or to do the opposite, but it seems that usually Japanese Blu-rays are released after movies are released here.

The original timeline which I speculated about back when Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 1 was released in theatres predicted that if we heard about and got a release of Sailor Moon Cosmos with a similar delay that we did for Sailor Moon Eternal then the Netflix announcement would be in September, next month, and the streaming premiere would be in November. There’s still time for this to happen!

All that said I am reluctantly looking forward to importing these movies for their absurdly high price. If a North American release isn’t out by then I will watch the Japanese version and surely follow along well enough as the story is pretty close to the manga. It’s also likely, in the event that a North American release is still not announced prior to December 20th, that someone will fansub the films. This sometimes happens as quickly as a few days after a show airs or is available on video. Perhaps these fansubbing groups will not be working hard on the days before Christmas and we can expect it a bit later.

Will you be picking either of these sets up? If so which one?

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56 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon Cosmos films are coming to Blu-ray and DVD in Japan on December 20th

    • There is always honorific dialogue as it’s part of the Japanese language. Even most dubs these days keep the honorifics intact. Otherwise, script writers would have to make up words to represent the mouth movements for the honorifics. Although you should already know this by now…

  1. Assuming a worldwide streaming release will happen eventually, there’s no reason to pre-order hard copies except as collectibles.

    The high price tag of the BR is due to limited run: these aren’t mass-produced the way blockbuster features are, so the production costs are higher per unit. The blu-ray format itself has also been discontinued by most studios in the North American market, so there’s almost zero chance of a North American disc release for either Cosmos or Eternal.

    If you can pay a hefty premium to import a very old IP on a dying disc format, then you’re a hardcore fan.

    • Why are people like you so hostile to physical media?

      Let those of us who like it buy it, and you keep on watching things digitally.

      • Um, why are you not lol? Do you also miss VHS and Betamax?

        And it’s not just him: it’s the majority of the human population with internet access that no longer wants or needs physical media.

        Demand for optical discs has dropped so low that most manufacturers can no longer afford to mass produce them, making them more expensive and more difficult for consumers to acquire which further drives down their desirability as a media format.

        • Because actually owning something and not being stuck paying a charge every month for one or two movies you like is smarter than buying something digitally that you don’t actually own and only borrow

      • I agree with you 100%. Why waste your precious time and breath being hostile towards physical media when you are clearly unaware of the joys of owning it as well as the issues with digital/internet only access.

  2. Great but a big no to the acrylic figures. They’ve been releasing acrylic Sailor Moon figures and stands nonstop and I’m beyond sick of them.

  3. Since somehow a comment was left by my name, I will add my 2 cents. I think by the end of the year we should have an update, although it does seem like the western or NA release information is moving slower for this particular movie. How odd because YouTube worldwide video promotion has been going on for months now. I think we all just really want to see the movie and have closure for this series, especially since the animation and plot seem to be massively revamped compared to previous installments of Sailor Moon Crystal without giving any plot away. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the movie for a long time. Let’s hope for some news soon!

  4. I saw this on CDJapan the other day! There should be a blu-ray release in Mexico at some point in the next year and that will include English subtitles. Still a shame Netflix doesn’t do many home media releases in the US, especially of anime. I’m grateful that physical media is still a big market in the rest of the world, especially for those of us who prioritize owning physical media over leasing it via streaming services who can censor or remove content at any time.

    In other news, did anyone see that Disney is releasing several MCU Disney Plus tv shows on 4K Blu-ray this year? I can’t wait to buy those!

    • I think it’s the appropriate time. She has voiced all of the original story creations and recreations, and now if Sailor Moon comes back again, it’s time for an entirely new fresh start. Thank you for the update.

    • That makes me sad. I was hoping after the main manga plots wrapped they might do some of the side stories or even a Sailor V prequel.

      I know it’s unlikely, but it still would be nice. And I have a hard time picturing anyone else stepping in to fill Mitsuishi’s shoes. Except maybe Araki Kae, since she’s done it before? Is she still active these days?

  5. Almost done watching seasons 1 and 2 of Crystal. I only watched from Season 3 on because I didn’t care for the premise of the original seasons and animation as much, and it seemed to get better after that. I was pretty hooked on season 3. So anyway, since I really wanted to see something new with the movie on the hopeful horizon for western audiences, I am a few episodes away from being done with season 2 now. I don’t want to add spoilers, but I will say that I can see why these seasons were often criticized. The tone is generally downer because every episode is like a cliffhanger of some terrible outcome lol. However, when there is good action, and this might be a spoiler to some, so stop reading here if you are still watching it. Tuxedo Mask is definitely a bigger hero in Crystal than the original anime. When he got his special power, I was like, gosh finally something interesting is happening. This all greatly improved afterwards. That’s just my observations on Sailor Moon Crystal. Thank you for reading.

  6. Still waiting for an official English sub release so I can finally watch these, though I’ve been halfway tempted to find a fansub.

  7. Usagi tsukino was a mass murder and greats executioner in sailor moon cosmos pt2’ just like a manga series book it doesn’t lie and never changes’ usagi massacre eight sailor guardians her own friends were who clearly shot on a head’ but not only the magical girl was only a teenager Korea girl in Japan in Tokyo’ Usagis gold is manoru Chiba to have a wedding and be together forever with a husband and wife’ as if now ami,rei,kino, ninako ,haruka,michiru, shetuna and hotaru are brutality headshot with a revolver hand pistol’ because of that sailor galaxyas influence and usagi has no chance for her but to put them down’

  8. I’ve seen the previews on YouTube enough times at this point. Somebody in YouTube comments brought up a valid point that maybe the writers’ strike is delaying the dubbed version, which they might want to release together with the subbed version. I’m not really sure though.

  9. Assuming the Western release follows other streamers lately, the movies should be out on Netflix either December 21 or 22.

  10. Where is this movie already? They are really keeping this secretive. Maybe we won’t know until December when the media release comes out.

  11. After the eight sailor guardians and three lights bands concert seen killed by usagi tsukino’ manoru and galaxya are making love right before her eyes’ usagi quite with rage she grabs and uses a Cobra Assault Cannon a explosive fire rifle’ usagi tsukino targeting manoru and galaxya to a far distance from the cliff’ chibiusa release manoru and galaxya was in danger’ usagi immediately pulled the trigger and chibiusa rushed manoru and galaxya to recusing to committing suicidal’ chbiusa push both manoru and galaxya and a big explosion manoru and galaxya fall the edge of the cuff chibiusas body blow up after usagi pulled the trigger and her body parts and the blood pieces full everywhere’ usagi runs to the cuff and check the body’s one dead is galaxya and manoru Chiba missing’ he’s body no wear to be fund’ galaxya manoru chiba betrayed usagi and usagi did what she had to do to kill them.

    • I was going to ask what the hell you were going on about with your last comment, but now I see you’re just an idiot troll. Go wordvomit elsewhere.

  12. Another update was added to the YouTube channel about the DVD & Blu-Ray releases in Japan, but no updates about an international release yet. Maybe this date getting closer is some sign of a release? Who knows right now.

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