Hikari Yono, who voiced Kaolinite in Sailor Moon Crystal, dies at age 46

Hikari Yono

Another sad day for Sailor Moon fans. Voice actress Hikari Yono, who was the voice of Kaolinite in Sailor Moon Crystal died on November 15th at the young age of 46. It was mentioned that she had been dealing with an illness at the time of her death, though specifics were not given. Hikari Yono has appeared in many other anime series over the years.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27 - Kaolinite

Source: Anime News Network

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15 thoughts on “Hikari Yono, who voiced Kaolinite in Sailor Moon Crystal, dies at age 46

  1. It’s always sad to hear about such things. Sometimes no news really is a blessing, I guess!
    I’m hoping 2021 brings us some brighter news.
    Stay safe everyone!

      • Okay, what I’m about to say is about as far away from Sailor Moon-related as it gets (meaning this doesn’t have diddly squat to do with Sailor Moon), but I’d like to share some upcoming news, by attempting some levity! In just a few months, a joke from a nearly 30-year-old movie will become obsolete!

        In the early 1990s, there was an animated show fate decided to name ‘Tiny Toon Adventures’. It eventually bore a direct-to-video movie, ‘How I Spent My Vacation’ (1992). The movie is really more of a series of sketches than a singular narrative that’d make Hemmingway proud, but one of the more important subplots sees Plucky Duck join his friend’s family for a road trip to Happy World Land, a theme park with six thrill rides and four-hundred gift shops… if I’m not mistaken.

        In one scene, Plucky is so desperate to get to the park that he takes his friend’s road map and rambles nonsense about calculating the remainder of the trip. Plucky deduces that the car he’s in will arrive at Happy World Land at, “oh, roughly… APRIL 6th, 2021!” It’s true. Have a look at my cited sources.



        And you know what the real kicker is? I’ve had that added to my digital calendar for ages.


        There you have it. The end truly is nigh.

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