Sailor Moon S The Movie and Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie are coming to theatres in July and August

Sailor Moon S and SuperS movies

Great news! The 2nd and 3rd Sailor Moon films, Sailor Moon S The Movie and Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie, are coming to theatres in North America this summer. Sailor Moon S The Movie will be shown with an encore presentation of Sailor Moon R The Movie Saturday July 28th and Monday the 30th while Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie will be shown with the Ami’s First Love special Saturday August 4th and Monday the 6th. The Saturday showings will have Viz’s new English dub of the film while the Monday showings will be in Japanese with English subtitles. This was announced earlier today at Viz’s Moon Panel at Anime Central in Rosemont, just outside of Chicago. A trailer has been uploaded to YouTube and can be seen below:

The movie posters for these two movies are similar in style to what we saw when Sailor Moon R The Movie was released in theatres.

Sailor Moon S The Movie Sailor Moon Supers The Movie

Fans will be able to get tickets and a complete list of participating theatres from the Fathom Events web site. Currently no theatres are listed but there will surely be more added as we get closer to the dates. It seems practical to refer to the SuperS film as Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie rather than it’s full official title Sailor Moon SuperS: The Nine Sailor Guardians Unite! Miracle of the Black Dream Hole. I hardly hold this against Viz as I’ve been known to do the same myself! This will be the first time Ami’s First Love is released here in North America. This short animated special, which was originally shown alongside the SuperS film in Japan, tells the story of Ami receiving a love letter which she suspects is from her intellectual rival Mercurius.

Ami's First Love - Mercurius

Sailor Moon S The Movie is adapted from a manga story The Lover of Princess Kaguya which focuses on Luna and her infatuation with a human man. It is well known for featuring Human Luna.

Sailor Moon S The Movie - Human Luna

The Sailor Moon SuperS film is an original story not based on any manga chapter. It has Chibiusa befriending Perle, a sort of fairy boy who’s rebelling against Badiane, a villain who is attempting to put the Earth’s children into an eternal sleep in the Black Dream Hole. The film’s story has some similarities to the film The Matrix, which was made a few years after it, though these may be a simple coincidence.

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie - Perle, Chibiusa and Diana

Do you plan on checking out these films?

Ami's First Love - Title

Sailor Moon S The Movie

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie

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17 thoughts on “Sailor Moon S The Movie and Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie are coming to theatres in July and August

  1. Let’s hope they reeal a trailer for Crysta film this Usagi’s birthday so they can advertize during screenings :D

  2. Alright! I was half expecting just the second movie, but this is awesome! Both movies will probably see a fall release on Blu-Ray/DVD. Now let’s hope Anime Expo will announce SuperS part 2!

  3. Not if they’re only showing the films for 2 or 3 days I won’t. I have no ride into town and my mom has to work and she’s the only one who can take me. It would have to be shown for at least a full week before I could go see it.

  4. so this is great news and I will sadly have to wait for the release of them on disc format as im sure they wont be played anywhere near me plus I think the viewing dates fall on my days on to work schedule so that sucks a bit, funny thing is I just got this news on my yt feed today as im waking up and I thought to myself wtf its about time for the last 2 movies so with these out of the way that means were 1 step closer to stars

    • Ya, they’re so in-considerate. They only shows the films in English for one single day each not realizing people have jobs and have to work for a living.

  5. i asked cineplex Odeon on twitter if they would be playing it in Canada and they said no confirmation at this time but please keep checking our site for updates

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