Watch these clips for Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1, out on home video April 24th

Sailor Moon SuperS Limited Edition Blu-Ray and DVD

Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1 will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 24th. Those looking to pre-order it should be careful to get the right version. I often get these from Amazon however the Special Edition is hard to find on the site. The Amazon listing for the product only includes the DVD and Regular Edition Blu-Ray but there is a separate page with no box art which has the Special Edition Blu-Ray. This includes a box to house both volumes and a special booklet. The set can also be pre-ordered from Right Stuf. They have Special Edition Blu-Ray, Standard Edition Blu-Ray and DVD copies listed on their site.

As is often the case with such a release Viz has given us a sneak peak at a lot of the voices in the form of some videos. These ones were posted to the Viz Media Twitter account as well as their YouTube channel. This includes a full trailer showing various characters and a couple of clips of the Amazon Trio. You can watch them embedded below:

We also recently got cast information about Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2! Long ago we learned about the actors appearing in Part 1 but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago at Anime Boston that we finally got an announcement of who would be voicing Queen Nehelenia (now spelled Nehalennia) and the Amazoness Quartet. This was confirmed on Twitter. The Amazon Quartet take the place of the Amazon Trio as the season’s villains once their story arc is completed. The cast includes Laura Post as Queen Nehalennia, Erica Lindbeck as Ves-Ves, Xanthe Huynh as Palla-Palla, Erika Ishii as Jun-Jun and Cassandra Lee Morris as Cere-Cere. Cassandra Lee Morris previously voiced Calaveras of the Ayakashi Sisters in Sailor Moon R.

Cast info for Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 - The Amazoness Quartet and Queen Nehalennia

Are you planning on picking up this set?

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42 thoughts on “Watch these clips for Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1, out on home video April 24th

  1. It’s going to take some time for me to wrap my head around Fish Eye’s male voice. I still have very strong memories of the voice he had when Cloverway made him a her. Strangely enough, I don’t think it’ll take any time at all for me to get used to Zirconia’s voice. But then again, both male and female versions are old and creepy, and had voices to match.

    Still, I have to admit, at the end of the trailer, when Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon are debating what to do now, the Cloverway dub was funnier. “Is it just me, or are these villains getting weirder all the time?” “They’re definitely getting weirder.” I still have fond memories of that line!

  2. I’ve bought all the others, I’ll get this one too, eventually.
    I like Zirconia’s new voice.
    Calling Fish Eye “Fish’s Eye” may take me some getting used too. It doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.

  3. guys, is it me or the ratio o these clips wrong… I hope it’s youtue problem or a problem on my side because otherwise this is a new rock bottom for VIZ

    • how do you mean or are you talking about the original ratio of 4:3 that it was aired in??? the ratio is stated it will still be in the original ratio like all pre 2000 tv shows so there will be the black boxes on the sides of the film

      • no i know that, but video 2 and 3 are with wrong ratio, I know they are just promotion, but VIZ didn’t check even that

        • i would go with the fact that lazy viz didn’t bother making the video complete and lets face it the original release date was back on the 10th and got postponed for no real reason what so ever, not to mention they haven’t bothered fixing the typos from the first arc and im sure they wont fix it for the last of the original arcs after this is a new intro card

  4. so is it me or did they somewhat let the cat out of the bag with what the trio is in the 1st episode of this arc??? it makes the development near the end of the trio seem faked if they know there not real, that or im thinking too much into it from watching it all those years ago. sad that they didn’t keep zirconia as the queen nelihenna hope the other va can make her sing all the way into the tiny first part of stars where that arc ends and the true final arc starts, also im not sure why they chose to call them tigers eye hawks eye and fishs eye that wasn’t how the original subs have it or the “resub” if you want to call it that, love that they made fish eye basically the true gay male persona that was ever so present in the original and not make him female which honestly still makes me wonder how they will do stars with the starlights if they make them like they did with Uranus with a strong female voice with a hint of masculinity in it or if they will have them male with feminie voices when they transform, last thought did they ever bother to fix the subs for the intro song or will it still be the lazy half ass job they did with the first 3 arcs where they didn’t bother to translate and assumed the words incorrectly even tho most of us fans know the full lyrics and prolly can sing it to a T and actually know what your singing lol

    • I hope you’re right. I just got mine today and for some strange reason, unlike the other booklets, there’s nothing on any page when Part 2 will be out. I hope around the spring or summer, there’ll be a convention for more great news.

    • “We are finally confirming that… Usagi will be a main character! That’s all. Wait another year for the next piece of information!”

      • Wow, this made my day, Joseph! Thank you for this important piece of information. Toei is so benevolent to us… I’m afraid, though, that Usagi develop a new power in Crystal IV: invisibility, and that we won’t see her at all, unless we wear special glasses (just like in the very first version of the movie “Thirtheen Ghosts”). Of course, we’ll have to buy those glasses from Toei, and they will be very… expensive… if you see what I mean :D .

  5. so my order through amazon got delayed with a bad stock I wont get it til the 30th and the dvd only is back stocked til may 1st, so much for pre ordering 2 months ago, o well at least some fans got there orders but come on I should of got my order since I ordered it way back in the early part of feb

      • Both Amazons seem to be back ordered. .com gives a rough estimate of May 1st for more stock. I ordered through .ca in January and there’s no ETA of when they’ll get more. I’ll probably end up cancelling it and just buying it at Walmart. I pre-ordered my Classic and R sets from Amazon and didn’t have any issues on release date but I guess they underestimated the demand for these sets?

        • Frustrating. In the past I’d canceled pre-orders to get it from In one case I even went online from a store with my phone and then bought it then and there!

          • it was .com as im in the usa here lol, funny thing since I posted this I got a new email from amazon telling me I wont get it til the middle of may now at the earliest, I called and bitched them out and despite there ill attempts to tell me otherwise they gave me a $40 credit towards the purchase so at least that’s something even tho I was waiting to start watching it on Tuesday, what sucks the most is when I ordered it I was a prime member and it was gurenteed to be release date delivery and that fell flat on there asses there, at least I got to take advantage and I placed several preorders for upcoming switch games for release day deliveries and discounts but still how can a company give you a gurentee of release day service and then magically have a bad batch the night of shipping??? you would think they would have the sets in the warehouse at least a week prior to street date so you can attempt to get them on time the most irratiting part here is none of my local stores (target or bestbuy) have this set in stock as there preorders wiped them out til the next shipment so im hosed no matter what I do at this point

          • Same, I think I did that with one of the Crystal sets! US Amazon had it for WAY cheaper so I pre-ordered there and had it shipped to the border.

            For any other Canadian readers here, Walmart’s online shop still has copies left. The DVD was about 2 dollars more than Amazon Canada but it was worth it. Should be (hopefully!) arriving on Friday. The only downside was that I don’t think they have the LE set (I didn’t see it but it’s possible I missed it). You may be stuck if that’s what you were looking to get your hands on. :c

  6. You’re a tough crowd to please that’s for sure. n_n;
    I consider myself a Moonie purist but even I am grateful for the fact that in this day and age Sailor Moon is so much more accessible to us as fans.

    You snub VIZ and Cloverway… but do any of you remember DiC? YIKES!

    I love watching the original anime version from all seasons but sometimes I enjoy not having to strain to read subtitles.
    With the new company handling the English dubs I’m grateful that they chose to keep the integrity of the Japanese version with names, attacks, and transformations.

    The only time SM let me down was with Crystal but I’m still holding onto hope. Season 3 was definitely the best.

    • We are all very glad that VIZ picked it, they do a very nice ob with dub and translation – I dig the voices and the dub scripts, but they really made the quality worse than amateur attempt and now two out of three of their promo materials have the wrong ratio. Yes, we have to be grateful, but that doesn’t mean accepting everything, closing our eyes.

    • We are grateful, but we’ve waited a very long time to receive sub par releases when other countries have far better.
      The dub grew on me.

      Sailor Moon lets me down quite a bit, but I won’t stop being a fan. :)

  7. This is my least favorite season, not because of the focus on Chibi Moon which was fine it was the lack of the outer soldiers. I really preferred seeing them after S that this was disappointing. I have to say Nehellenia’s Back story in Supers is much better than what they decided to go with in Sailor Stars. They rewrote it and made it less interesting.

    Overall I am excited they are going to the releasing the last season (hopefully without delays, but we all know that is not realistic) which is still a okay season, but not much better than Supers.

  8. Legitimate question: I love Sailor Moon but I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone is interested in these Bluray releases. The quality isn’t any better than the Japanese DVD releases that came out ages ago; subtitles for which, and the episodes themselves for that matter, can be found all over the net. And what we see from Toei & Kodansha is an unending stream of re-released manga, silly merch, and dvd/bd media trickling out in volumes like it’s 2001. Yes, the episodes are in English (poorly dubbed imho), but it just seems silly re-dubbing THIS late in the game. Moreover, to suggest that one must constantly be purchasing these things in order to show Toei that we want more anime is just ridiculous. Toei can produce more anime whenever it wishes but would likely prefer selling this stuff for as long as possible because it’s easy. So my question is….

    Do you guys and gals think that we do more HARM than good to the Sailor Moon brand as a whole by buying these things?

    Because at this point, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel as far as more anime is concerned and, perhaps, by simply ignoring all this stuff and focusing our attention on the new movie (if and when it comes out) would be the better solution. To be clear, I don’t mean shouldn’t continue posting as he does, I just mean we shouldn’t purchase the actual products.

    • Hard for me to estimate the cost to the franchise by supporting these or not. I think Viz does what they can as their Crystal releases are good. They seem to see that there is money and interest and they show it with their convention presence and general work they put into these. Unfortunately they seem to have bad masters and do a poor job of dealing with these. Easy to put out a nice product with nice masters. Hard to do it with something bad. I’ve heard this set looks good though but haven’t had a look at the quality yet.

      Personally I have so many copies of this it’s sort of next level collector stuff. I agree with the concerns and have other copies I’d rather watch than these.

    • I don’t think we harm it at all, in fact we show there is still life left in this old series.
      I do agree that we deserve better quality. But Toei listened with Crystal, it did get better in many ways.
      We should show support but only towards what we want.
      Fans who buy everything, even if they hate it, show there is a market for garbage.
      But if you enjoy what you buy, have fun and do what you like.

      I’ve become very selective after seeing the low quality some of the merch is, but I will still buy the stuff I want.

    • The 22nd episode of SuperS, and it was broken by a Lemures clown Mister Magic Pierrot sent by Palla Palla. It will be out on Part 2.

      • damn that episode isn’t part of this set WTF o well I still don’t have my set THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH AMAZON.COM I might get it in the middle of the month unless I can find it in my local stores at this point GRRRR

    • has it listed currently on sale for $26.89 however up to 3 weeks back order and im sure other sites have it around that price in USD normal Blu-Ray sets come in at around $52 or $53 USD which is both Blu-Ray and DVD standard edition of course now if your able to find the limited edition which has the booklet and a better box for both sets of Blu-Rays then that’s at this time around $63 if its still around if not scalpers curse you and your price inflation

  9. I’m going to be honest: I’m pretty sure that I hate this season. The focus on Chibi-Usa ground everything to a halt and took away from getting to see the other characters who are much, much deeper. Not to mention that it is a HUGE shift in tone after the dark, apocalyptic themes of season 3. Also, the dub clip you linked here makes the voice acting seem pretty weak.
    That being said, I’m still totally going to buy this set. I’m a bit of a collector when it comes to Sailor Moon, so I’d like to have all five season on DVD. I’ve been meaning to re-watch this season to try to find redeeming qualities I may have missed in my infuriating first watch through. Even if the dub sucks, there always the plus side of having the episodes in their original Japanese, as well.
    TL;DR – I strongly dislike this season, but I’m going to buy it any way for collection purposes and to satisfy my urge to give it another chance.

  10. These are the new Japanese upscale remasters they get from Toei, so no more shitty upscales like the first 3 seasons. This jp version did a pretty good jobs on digital repairs, which includes removing of all dusts and scratches as well as retouching on those annoying tape marks.

    The color still seems dull but that’s how is was, and I think they have reached their limits with this source.

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