Sailor Moon stamps which are coming to Japan will be available internationally through the Sailor Moon Fan Club

Sailor Moon Stamp set

Sailor Moon stamps are coming to Japan! 10 different stamps, featuring the Sailor Soldiers in manga designs by Naoko Takeuchi, will be released in Japan. These are 62 yen stamps, which is equivalent to 55 cents American, so this would be your standard stamp used for postage on an envelope. A special stamp set will be sold in Japan for 5,900 yen, nearly 10 times the cost of a all 10 stamps combined! Fans in Japan will be able to buy a collector’s stamp set from the post office and many fans worldwide will be able to do the same if they are part of the Official Sailor Moon Fan Club! The set is listed on the Tokyo Otaku Mode site for fans with a membership. This set sells for $63.99 US, which is a bit more than the exchange for 5,900 yen but somewhat comparable. Pre-orders are being taken now. The product will ship in March 2018.

Sailor Moon Stamp set full contents

The set includes more than just the 10 stamps! There is also a stamp holder, 8 premium post cards based on manga art and 24 deluxe postcards which are manga cover art for both the original and the most recent editions of the manga. A clear folder which is included in both the fan club and post office package is slightly different between the two. I believe it’s simply a different colour.

Do you plan on getting this set? Keep reading for individual images of the contents!

Sailor Moon Stamp set booklet

Sailor Moon Stamp set booklet including 8 premium postcards

Sailor Moon Stamp set - 24 deluxe postcards

Sailor Moon Stamp set - Premium postcard 1

Sailor Moon Stamp set - Premium postcard 3

Sailor Moon Stamp set - Premium postcard 6

Sailor Moon Stamp set

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18 thoughts on “Sailor Moon stamps which are coming to Japan will be available internationally through the Sailor Moon Fan Club

    • If they sell just the book in Japan it should be just the cost of the stamps. With luck fans will be able to get those for much less on ebay. They had Star Trek stamps here in Canada. The collector’s sets were quite expensive but the stamps themselves just cost the value on the stamp so I bought a bunch for my wedding invitations.

      • Oh yes, you’re certainly right about the cost of the only stamps. Nevertheless I find the booklet expensive for goodies made of paper, and I can hardly believe that the stamp holder and the clear folder are enough to justifty the cost. However, the set seems to be of great quality. But for that cost ($63), I’d rather buy a Sailor Moon figure :) .

  1. I am sorry but I have no idea who is standing behind Hotaru on Premium Postcard 6… Who the hell is that? ;) by logic, it is Michiru, but with that hair color??? ;D

    • Yes, this is Michiru! You’re not the only one to be surprised by her hair color on this picture: apparently, Naoko Takeuchi decided that she would be auburn in real life, while a lot of fans believe Michiru to have dark hair…

    • Real people don’t have green hair! I always loved this image. I remember back in high school I photocopied and enlarged it off of one of the manga so that I could have a full sized version! I had to go to some copy place to do it because it was back in the day.

      • The first time I ever saw a picture of Michiru was in a book with black and white images and I assumed she was a redhead. (most likely because I have a fondness for violins and redheads) and was shocked when I finally saw her hair was green on a figurine sold at a comic store.
        When I saw this image it made me happy because I felt I had been right all along, in a way. :)

        • You’re right about a redhead Michiru in real life, because like Jupiter, she has green eyes and a green (teal) fuku, so their red hair perfectly match their green/teal features. But personnally, I’ve always assumed Michiru was a brunette in real life, or had light brown hair, while Jupiter was a redhead, just like Chibiusa. Green being a cool color, green hair is for me the sign of black hair (like Pluto) or brown or light brown hair (my vision of a real life Michiru).

          (The question is debated here :) :

          • Maybe the real question should be, where did Chibi Usa get her red hair from? XD
            Or maybe hers is supposed to be light brown?

          • Well, to me, manga world is some kind of fantasy world set in real word so I really don’t like the idea that Michiru or any other SM character should have “normal” hair color, I consider her green hair or Chibiusa’s pink hair to be simply real because it is Manga and their hair color is a part of their character… Sailor Moon is not Hannah Montana! Howgh :P

          • I agree with Adam. One of my friend has brown eyes and black hair, just like his mother, father, and sisters. Yet he, his mother and sisters have freckles. His mother has a redhead aunt…

        • The 90s were something! When the Internet was in its infancy and half the stuff about the show was rumour. “Did you know about the lesbian Sailor Scouts?” “Yes I did!”.

          • I have a cousin who had both parents who were brunette and she is a redhead, so it’s possible…and if this many people in Japan have blonde hair and blue eyes naturally, I suppose I can buy that Chibi Usa is a redhead. ;)

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