Registration for the Official Sailor Moon Fan Club is now open to international fans. For real this time.

Official Sailor Moon Fan Club Membership Card

Following a failed attempt to launch the Official Sailor Moon Fan Club to international users a couple of weeks ago, registration is now open to fans around the world on the Tokyo Otaku Mode web site. You can pre-order your membership using this link.

Official Sailor Moon Fan Club Lip Gloss

Membership to the Fan Club costs $58. There are a number of shipping options, some of which may be expensive for where you live, but there is a free shipping option, which will take a bit longer if you aren’t in a rush to get your membership card and lip gloss. Aside from those original incentives membership to the Fan Club will allow fans to pay even more money to buy Fan Club exclusive merchandise and give them access to the Official Fan Club app for mobile devices.

The first attempted launch of the Official Sailor Moon Fan Club caused the site to be overloaded to the point where no memberships were sold. This time however there appear to be only minor problems. I was able to get my membership with no issues late last night and other fans appear to have success as well.

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5 thoughts on “Registration for the Official Sailor Moon Fan Club is now open to international fans. For real this time.

  1. Speaking of Sailor Moon accessories, apparently there’s a Moon Rod like the one from SuperS being marketed to adults in Japan. Think that’s a sign that they’re making SMC season 4?

    • Hm. Well I don’t know that the Proplica line is an indication that it will show up in Crystal. When the Moon Stick first showed up Crystal was still early on and we made assumptions based on the voice and things like this. I feel these are more based on the original 90s anime designs than anything.

      • I agree, but it seems almost certain at this point we’ll get Season 4. My guess is it will have even better production values than 3 based on feedback and popularity.
        Or maybe I’m projecting my wishful thinking again. :)

        • No, you are optimistic and it’s refreshing :) .

          Me too, I’m sure Toei is working on the new season, but takes its time to do better things than before !

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