Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23, Covert Maneuvers – Wiseman, Friday April 15th at 9pm Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Black Lady kissing her father Tuxedo Mask

The next English dubbed episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be available on Hulu and Neon Alley this Friday, April 15th, at 9pm Eastern Time. This week on Act 23, Covert Maneuvers – Wiseman, we finally get a proper look at Black Lady, the evil older version of Chibiusa who’s all about making out with her dad. Chibiusa has used magic to be aged and time travel to meet a younger version of her father. The result? A father/daughter combo that is the same age and Chibiusa is all about kissing her dad!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Black Lady

I joke but the reasons for Black Lady having these feelings for her father are complex. Take a young girl without a true understanding of her feelings who naturally has a love for her father and artificially age her prematurely and the result is this mess we’ve found ourselves in. Usagi is, naturally, not terribly pleased with the situation! Black Lady, who was heard briefly last week, is voiced by Sandy Fox who also plays Chibiusa. Her voice for Black Lady is quite different from what we’re used to hearing.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Black Lady hugging Tuxedo Mask

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14 thoughts on “Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23, Covert Maneuvers – Wiseman, Friday April 15th at 9pm Eastern Time

  1. If time travel works the way I think it does in the Sailor Moon universe, where every time someone time travels to a particular point in time and affects the events of the past, it causes a new timeline to branch off from the original, then technically Chibiusa isn’t kissing her father, but an alternate timeline version of her father. Not much better, but I love to theorize about stuff, so…

  2. People ramp on Mamorou for kissing Usagi while she was asleep, but here Mamorou has been drugged/put in a trance, is unable to consent when Black Lady takes advantage of him. Funny how ‘it’s understandable’ when it is a woman doing it.

    • I don’t see many people speaking up on Black Lady’s behalf.
      The main difference I think is Black Lady and even Prince Demande are evil, they are selfish and something like this is expected, where Mamoru is supposed to be a good guy.
      I have always kind of taken his kisses on unconscious Usagi as a draw he feels from their past life.

    • Both are wrong but the difference here to me is that the show portrays Mamoru kissing Usagi while she’s asleep as romantic and positive and something that’s acceptable to do while the show is clearly portraying Black Layd’s obsession with Mamoru as evil and twisted. I don’t think anyone is excusing Black Lady but are simply pointing out that you’re supposed to be hating what Black Lady is doing because she’s evil.

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