Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes 188 and 189 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 188 - Usagi is not in seat 12A

This week on Hulu and Neon Alley‘s new episodes of Sailor Stars everyone’s secret identities are revealed! Episode 188 and 189, which seem to directly follow each other, span a time period of over 9 months if tickets are to be believed!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 188 - Tickets for the Three Lights movie on a plane

Episode 188, Invitation to Terror: Usagi’s Night Flight, centres on a very impractical movie premier. The Three Lights movie which was filmed earlier in the season has somehow now been edited and is being released! The special preview, available only to fan club members, is taking place on an airplane in flight. This seems like a really terrible idea. The expense alone would be considerable. Where is the plane going? Is it flying in circles for 2 hours or more? What does a ticket cost? How is there possibly enough room on this plane for all of these fans? Rei is fan club number 2906. This is a big plane with three rows and a second level but it is still tiny compared to even a small movie theatre. Usagi receives a ticket from Sailor Aluminum Siren saying that there is a special seat saved for her. That seat is 12A. The date on the ticket appears to say January something. How does this make any sense? Throughout the season dates have generally closely followed release dates of the episodes, but this episode released October 12th 1996 is nowhere close. Usagi arrives at the airport and tells them to abort the takeoff. In this naive pre 9-11 time the flight attendant responds by showing her to her seat. Seat 12A. I had to do a bit of research into Japanese planes but it seems that they, like planes I’ve been on, have the letter for the seats starting from the left, or port, side. In this case 12A should be a window seat with her window on the left. Usagi boards the plane and is sitting in first class with the Three Lights but once sitting the window is on her right! Scandal! In all likelihood Usagi could have moved, but it looks like nothing on this ticket makes any sense. So everyone is on the plane and Sailor Aluminum Siren makes the flight attendants into Phages, in this case Sailor Stewardesses. Things are tighter than Usagi’s dining room in first class so there is no choice but for everyone to transform in front of each other. First Seiya transforms into Sailor Star Fighter and then the rest of the Three Lights follow suit. Next Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and Sailor Star Fighter is shocked. Wait a minute didn’t she put all of this together a bunch of episodes ago when Sailor Moon knew the little toy bear belonged to Seiya? I guess not! Basically everyone transforms and that will make for great drama next episode but at this point they just take care of the monster. Sailor Aluminum Siren, so close to getting some True Star Seeds, is naturally killed by Sailor Galaxia. Her semi replacement is Sailor Tin Nyanko, though Sailor Lead Crow is still around. So many villains at a time in this season.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 188 - Sailor Tin Nyanko

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 189 - Rei the fortune teller

Episode 189, Duty or Friendship: Conflict Between the Sailor Guardians, is all about brooding! Last episode everyone figured out who everyone was and now Usagi and Seiya are kind of upset at each other but not for any good reason, just a bit of drama. Rei is working as a fortune teller and happens to have Seiya and Usagi come in asking about advise for the same problem. Yo just talk it out it will be fine! Rei gives Usagi a ticket to a Three Lights event at good old FM No. 10, the radio station that keeps coming up. We first saw this radio station in episode 3 when it had a different looking sign. The date on the ticket is September 28th at 7:30pm. Yes it seems like the better part of year has passed since last episode’s mid January Three Lights plane based movie premiere! The Three Lights are doing a live thing and Seiya and Usagi stare longingly at each other both during and after the show. The target this episode is DJ Jack of FM No. 10 who turns into Sailor DJ. Seiya is injured which causes Usagi to hold him in her arms, and there is some tension from the other Sailor Starlights because the story would progress too easily if we could all be friends.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 189 - The Three Lights on FM No. 10

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 189 - Tickets for FM No. 10's show on September 28th

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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 188 - Sailor Aluminum Siren is killed

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 188 - Seiya and Usagi

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 188 - The Three Lights movie on a plane

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 189 - FM No. 10

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 189 - Seiya and Usagi

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 189 - Sailor Tin Nyanko and Sailor Lead Crow

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13 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes 188 and 189 are now available on Hulu

  1. Oh, those tickets! How confusing! Anyway, maybe Seiya/Star Fighter was surprised that Usagi revealed herself? Maybe s/he expected her to keep her identity secret? I don’t know, it’s been a while since I saw the episode and I’m waiting for the new dub to watch these episodes.If I’m wrong, blame it on a bad memory.

    • If I remember correctly, Seiya almost figured it out that Usagi was Sailor Moon back then but he dismissed the idea after she saw Usagi after the fight and couldn’t bring herself to believe Usagi could be Sailor Moon.

      • Ah, thank you for that clarification. Then I guess that surprise was, “I knew it! I’m so surprised that I dismissed what turned out to be the truth. God, I thought I was better than this.”

  2. Did you guys know that march 6th ,the day that toei is going to preview the first episode is Sailor Neptune’s birthday. Quiet interesting. Slick move, Toei

    • I guess that explains why Sailor Uranus and Neptune are the most popular characters in Sailor Moon fandom because clearly no one cares about them (this is sarcasm).

    • Sorry if i said something inappropriate and everyone should choose theyre life and every one should let him/her choose his/her life and if you hate that fact than you don’t have nothing to do with Sailor Moon

      • You didn’t say anything inappropriate at all, Leo. Gery’s just some lonely little troll who very much wants to get a rise out of you.

        So yaaaaaaay Sailor Neptune, yay her birthday, and YAAAAAAY LESBIANS!!!!

    • Your butt is really hurt over all this, isn’t it “Gery”? Just how many different names are you going to come here on, with your sad little attempts at trolling? You’ve got the vocabulary and conversation skills of a third grader, maybe take your act on over to the Wiggles board, or whatever it is children your age watch.

    • Dearest Gery, Prophets of all Prophets, whom I respect above all, and even more than God Himself, if He does exist,

      Your intellectual giftedness and your sense of concision seem so highly developed that I have no doubt they will pass on to posterity. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that Sailor Moon News is pervaded by people so stupid that they are unable to learn from your great wisdom. In consequence, we invite you to go elsewhere, where some clever people will be more inclined – I hope – to hear your message of supreme and ultimate enlightenment.

      (But of course, we can also offer you to go get a life.)

      Yours sincerely, etc.

  3. I can’t wait to see this dubbed. I’m still waiting for them to release the S and super S season. This season is interesting because this was the only season they didn’t dub. However, this and Super S were also the seasons that were disappointing. I watched back one of the scenes near the end of the season that made Galaxia the worse villain in the series. In general the villains are not all that smart but she is supposed to be so strong and it was just disappointing. I think they rushed this season a bit because there were more villains in the manga they missed probably because they were in a hurry to finish it. I also wished they had shown the outer soldiers more often. They already made a terrible excuse both in the manga and in the anime for them not being in battle with them from the beginning or in the case of the anime the super S season. Side note: I do not like their new name Pretty Guardians. That is off from what it means. I don’t know why the author decided the need to change it. Pretty Soldiers was perfect and fit the meaning of the words much better. Minor issue, but still. Every time I hear the characters in the dub say Guardians it just feels odd to me.

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