Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10, Moon, January 15th at 9pm Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10 - Queen Serenity

This Friday the next English dubbed episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be available on Hulu and Neon Alley starting at 9pm Eastern Time, 6pm Pacific Time. With Act 10, Moon, the gang will be travelling to the … well the Moon. They don’t do so on a rocket ship but instead with magic. There we will see Usagi’s mother Queen Serenity, who has had her consciousness uploaded into a super computer. This will lead to wonderful and terrible flashbacks as we learn of the tragic fate of Princess Serenity and Endymion.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10 - Nephrite with a cape

One great thing about this episode is the suggestion that the Sailor Guardians were romantically linked to the Shitennou. This was only hinted at in the manga with an image showing them together but it was never clearly demonstrated in the story.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10 - Moon

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12 thoughts on “Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10, Moon, January 15th at 9pm Eastern Time

  1. While I love this episode, it still doesn’t make much sense to me why no one on Earth never noticed there was these huge ruins of a palace on the moon. You’d think NASA or the Russian space agency would have picked up on this or something. Is there some magic force field protecting it from being detected? But neither the manga nor Crystal ever seems to explain this at all and you’re just left to assume NASA just never found it for some reason. This made a little more sense in the 90s anime where they traveled back in time to get to the Moon Kingdom ruins. I loved the idea of the pairing between the Sailor Guardians and the Generals but it’s a shame Crystal didn’t take this any further. They should have at least given us a full episode about their relationship or something but they just explore it in a brief five minute flashback and it’s never expanded on further than that. The La Reconquista musical did a much better job of expanding on their relationship to me.

    • I always assumed force field or whatever power made sure Hogwarts was never found by Muggles. Or maybe it’s like those images where people see alien statues or faces in the stone but it’s really natural phenomena, only reversed: people see fantastical things but because of whatever, it’s thought to be problems with the camera or we’re misinterpreting the images.
      Then again, this is an anime where junior high girls in short skirts battle evil that consistently target the same patch of real estate year after year.

    • It wouldn’t likely be some sort of cloaking device given the limited amount of power needed to have the Queen Serenity simulation/hologram which is quite small in comparison to what would be needed to mask such a huge thing. I’m not sure how well it would be visible from space. The stuff left behind by the Apollo missions is not visible from a telescope. I’ve heard that while the Great Wall of China, and many other man made buildings, are visible from space they are not visible from the Moon but I’m not sure if that counts a telescope or not. I would need to do a bit of reading. The ruins of Silver Millennium would likely be mostly stone looking, close in colour to the surface of the Moon, and perhaps covered in a bit of Moon dust.

    • I decided to handle this topic for the next episode of my podcast which explores scientific questions, as it ties into a moon landing hoax idea that some people say. I’ll probably put together a post for the site about it once the show airs this weekend.

  2. I really can’t stand the Sen/Shi pairings, sorry. Their personalities don’t match in the least and they don’t even look good paired up, in my opinion. It’s like they just said, “Hey, there are 4 Inner Senshi and 4 Shitennou. Who needs compatibility? Let’s pair them up!” I just don’t get the appeal.

    • I don’t know, I always thought Jupiter/Nephrite and Jadeite/Mars looked good together. And Kunzite seems like he could’ve been sort of the doting-lover type to young Minako.

    • I personally enjoyed the pairings a lot in the recent musicals. I thought they did a really good job of showing Mercury and Zoisite’s relationship and I also loved the tragedy of Minako and Kunzite’s relationship way back in the very first original musical. You really have to watch the musicals to understand the appeal of these relationships because the musicals were where they were first explored. I wish PGSM could have expanded on their relationships but PGSM left them out completely. Personally I think the Zoisite/Kunzite pairing of the original anime is over-rated, especially in terms of media portrayal of LGBT characters. IT was a milestone for when Sailor Moon first came out but the almost psychotic portrayal of Zosiite as this over the top flamboyant evil gay stereotype in the original anime is very dated and a bit homophobic.

  3. Give me any yaoi coupling/grouping any day.

    But if you *insist*, I suppose I do see the pairings between the generals the scouts as a sort of poetic device. It suggests something deeply spiritual, like perhaps despite not being on the same side of good/evil or even being compatible they still share some inner source that connects them and speaks to each other. *That* I can get behind.

    But srsly, yaoi generals all the way.

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