There is no new Sailor Moon Crystal episode this week. Why not read the manga instead?

Luna reading vol. 12 of the Sailor Moon manga

Had Sailor Moon Crystal continued beyond episode 26 using its regular schedule, Act 27, Infinity 1 – Premonition, would be released this coming Saturday, August 1st. There will be no Act 27 this weekend. We don’t know when we will get it. The final episode’s closing scene left us with the words “À bientôt” which insinuates we may get it some day, but not right away. What is a fan to do? I would suggest you pick up the Sailor Moon manga by Naoko Takeuchi.

I’ve mentioned in my reviews time and time again just how closely Sailor Moon Crystal resembled the manga. It was so close that mentioning the similarities was a waste of time. It made more sense to point out the occasional differences, of which there were few. I prepared myself for each new episode of the show by rereading the equivalent Manga chapter and after doing so the episodes always played out just as expected. If you’ve enjoyed Sailor Moon Crystal to date the easiest way to continue following that story is to pick up the manga where the show left off.

Sailor Moon R episode 70 - Usagi reading a Sailor V manga

For years reading the manga was not easy, as English releases of the manga released by Tokyo Pop were out of print, but the latest release of the manga by Kodansha is easy to find at many stores and online retailers. Feeling cheap? You can read the fan translations over at Miss Dream, but I would always recommend supporting the series by buying the manga. If you’re starting from the beginning, I don’t need to teach you how to count. If you’re starting where Sailor Moon Crystal takes off the first Kodansha comic you’ll want to pick up is volume 6 with Sailor Chibi Moon on the cover. This book starts the Infinity Arc which is where Sailor Moon Crystal would have, and hopefully someday will, continue with its next episode.

As always you can buy these books using these Amazon links to support the site.

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23 thoughts on “There is no new Sailor Moon Crystal episode this week. Why not read the manga instead?

    • Me Too! I love the manga but Crystal is the characters brought to life with music and feeling and emotion and action! I love sailor moon crystal, I want it back now!

    • I say the same I am addictive to this anime my #1 fav and I can’t stop seeing this . I started wachting this when I was 8 years old I love it . Please don’t canceled this pls continue the anime . I don’t want it to end like bleach did !!!!!!

  1. It feels strange not having a new episode of Crystal to look forward to watching this week. For any problems I had with the show, I really truly enjoyed it and it was a really fun experience getting to watch new episodes of Sailor Moon the day it came out in Japan and being able to talk about it with the rest of the fandom.

  2. I had a dream the other night where I was watching new episodes of SMC, Infinity arc and more. I hope it’s one of those rare dreams I have that later actually happen in real life (that’s happened more than once, believe it).

    • They migth go for a rest and come back with a new opening, closing song, new transformation sequences…hope they’ll do.

      • my ultimate dream, please god dont let them just airbrush new colors on sailormoons current transformation, i was okay with them cutting the guaranteed transformation for every episode to include more footage but i was hoping they would realize most of us as kids were drawn into sailormoon Because of the transformations and attacks, i was hoping theyd give homage to the fans and give a new transformation every season because of that, my heart broke when sailormoon didnt get a new one for the black moon arc :-( but lets be real, the inners arent gonna get anything new regardless, they clearly dont have much imagination, lets just pray for saturns transformation and ill be okay

  3. Is not the same!!! I had read all Sailor Moon manga and my favs are the Infinity arc, the Dark Kingdom arc and the Stars arc. But I already miss waking up early to watch Sailor Moon Crystal :'(

  4. OMG what if they stopped the series to do a movie ,and after a rest from the movie they will continue the series that would be the best move from toei and for everybody.who’s with me :D

  5. Just wondering I started re-reading manga (since last time I did read it was years ago) and Rei doesn’t seem the sweet type she was in Crystal – she looks more like the old anime’s meanie Rei. WHy did Crystal change her to sweet then if it was supposed to follow the manga?

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