A Sailor Moon Cosmos Theme Song Collection has been released

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie Theme Song Collection

Along with today’s Japanese theatrical release of Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 2 a collection of five songs from the films is also now available. I was going to reference my original post about this album but when I saw the unfinished draft article I wrote about it I realized I never posted it. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie Theme Song Collection includes music from the films. It’s released on CD and streaming today, June 30th. The streaming options include Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and a bunch of other services I don’t know much about. For physical media fans there’s a CD only version as well as a version which is bundled with a Blu-ray of some music videos. I ordered the CD and Blu-ray from Amazon which is probably in a plane over the Pacific Ocean right now as I listen to the album on Spotify. Fans who really like brokerage fees can also order from CD Japan. MSRP for the version with the Blu-ray is 3000 yen, about $21 US.

The soundtrack includes five songs.

    Tsuki no Hana (Moonlight Flower) by Daoko is the theme song for the Sailor Moon Cosmos films.
    Moonlight Densetsu (Moonlight Legend) is a cover of the original iconic Sailor Moon anime theme song performed by the cast of Sailor Moon Crystal.
    Sailor Stars Song is a cover of the theme song for the Sailor Stars season of the original Sailor Moon anime. This version is performed by the Sailor Moon Cosmos voice actors for Sailor Kakyu and the Three Lights.
    Nagareboshi He (To The Shooting Star) is a cover of the Three Lights’ most popular song from the original Sailor Moon anime. This version is performed by the Three Lights from Sailor Moon Cosmos.
    Happy Marriage Song is a new song for Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 2, presumably playing at the end of the film during an important event which may be evident by the name of the song. It is performed by the voice actors for the Sailor Guardians from Sailor Moon Crystal.

The Blu-ray will include a music video for Moonlight Flower which will be a longer version of the short video embedded below.

Also included will be two videos featuring the Three Lights.

Have you been listening to this soundtrack? What’s your favourite track?

Source: Sailor Moon Official Site

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12 thoughts on “A Sailor Moon Cosmos Theme Song Collection has been released

  1. FYI, Tsuki no Hana translates to “moon flower” and not “moonlight flower”, in the same way that Nagareboshi e does not translate to “Search for Your Love”.

    Aside from being about an obvious plot point, the most noteworthy thing about Happy Marriage Song is that it was written by Akiko Kosaka who composed Tsukiiro Chainon, Moon Revenge, Tuxedo Mirage, and many of the Anza-era sera myu songs.

    Aside from existing mostly to generate publicity for the movie, this theme song collection was unbelievably short compared to the one for Eternal and felt like a complete afterthought, especially because all but two of the songs are recycled from the nineties anime. I have to wonder if the budget for a full album went elsewhere into production, advertising, or something else. (Momoiro Clover breaking ties with Sailor Moon after Eternal was also a bit telling.) I’m looking forward to the full instrumental OST which will go nicely with my collection of Crystal OST albums.

  2. Personally, I feel the Cosmos theme song by Daoko was the best of the entire reboot. I didn’t much care for Momoiro Clover Z’s songs. I also really like this theme song collection for the nostalgia factor from the updated songs.

    • That Daoko song only plays during the ending credits and its main purpose is to cross-advertise the movie to mainstream audiences, so it almost does not matter what the song is or who sings it.

      I doubt using a Momokuro song in Cosmos would have made a difference, but at least it would have been tonally consistent with previous Crystal arcs. Daoko’s indie style is too avant-garde for a 30-year-old franchise, and the difference is jarring in this album.

      • A lot of people didn’t like their songs or cover versions so I don’t see anything wrong with them leaving tbh lol

  3. I just heard Tsuki no Hana and I’m in love with it. Probably my favorite theme of all the crystal themes and up there with the OG. Not watched the movie yet but if the soundtrack is any indication the music is gonna be amazing and carry a lot of the emotion

    • I love the janky MV for Tsuki no Hana.
      As the theme song for a major animated feature, you’d think better animation would be involved, but nope.

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