The Sailor Moon Prism on Ice musical has been delayed until the summer of 2022

Sailor Moon - Prism on Ice - Poster

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Prism on Ice musical, which had been planned for this June, has been delayed by one year until June of 2022 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The ice skating show, which had originally been scheduled for June of 2020, had previously been delayed due to the pandemic. Some events, such as the Princess Kaguya’s Lover musical which is now scheduled for September of 2021, are taking place this year. The same was not possible for the Prism on Ice event.

Sailor Moon Prism on Ice

The stated reasons for this delay are Japan’s travel restrictions and requirements to quarantine for visitors from many countries. This has already meant that foreign visitors would not be attending this summer’s Tokyo Olympic games. While this is not a concern for September’s Sailor Moon musical, an event which is able to generate sufficient ticket sales while selling exclusively to Japanese customers, the same is not true for the Prism on Ice show. This skating event features performers from around the world which made the logistics complicated.

Evgenia Medvedeva's Sailor Moon Figure Skating Routine

It remains to be seen what aspects of the show might have changed following two years of delay. The show’s main star, Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, was set to play Sailor Moon. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 late last year and suffered from a back injury around the same time. This has kept her from competing. It’s possible that the delay may also be to accommodate Evgenia Medvedeva’s schedule in the hopes that she will be in a better condition to perform in the show by next summer. She is a huge Sailor Moon fan and even traveled back to Japan early, around this time last year, to prepare for the event before it was delayed the first time.

Sailor Moon Prism on Ice - Evgenia Medvedeva as Sailor Moon

Regardless of what happens with the musical we certainly hope for a quick recovery for Evgenia Medvedeva. For fans who were hoping to see this event they may have a chance by next summer to visit Tokyo, assuming travel restrictions are lifted by then. Are you hoping to make it to Japan for this one?

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23 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon Prism on Ice musical has been delayed until the summer of 2022

  1. I guess I’ll be the first to break the ice (pun intended).

    Looks like customers who purchased advanced tickets will be able to use them for next year’s rescheduled performances. Should note that refunds for tickets purchased via Lawson must be processed by July 31, 2021 (Sunday) 23:59 local time.

  2. Even if I could travel to Japan I wouldn’t want to see a Japanese ice show. They’ve be speaking in Japanese and I wouldn’t understand a word that was said.

    • I will only watch Sailor Moon ice shows if they’re dubbed by Viz Media, performed by English-speaking ice skaters, and streamed for free on the internet!

      • Haha! Nice!

        I just don’t know how to toggle on subtitles at an ice show. Can someone tell me? My DVD remote doesn’t work at ice shows…

        • It’s because the subtitles are frozen and stuck under the ice ;) .

          (This joke is lame as hell, so I’d better exit this thread, by gracefully sliding on ice as if nothing cringy had happened.)

          • No, Aurélia! Please don’t go! Your joke warmed my heart. Truly! My heart is now warm enough to melt the ice!

          • I am glad that my joke warmed your heart enough to melt the ice and free those damned subtitles! Your DVD remote doesn’t work at ice shows, but my jokes do! And knowing it warms my heart too.

            Alas though, you may have unlocked the subtitles, but the skaters are now drowning… And I… I’m sorry about that. I should have never made that joke at first.

            *Aurélia gracefully swims away as if nothing criminal had happened because of her*

            *Mitch Buchannon enters the scene and transforms: Mitchcury prism power, make up!*

            *Thanks to his water powers, everyone is saved*

            Now THAT was a hell of an ice show!

          • “Visors are uncomfortable, and reading subtitles is too hard for my fourth-grade brain. I don’t really understand figure skating either, but I demand that the entire ice show be specifically dubbed for me and then streamed directly to my eyeballs so that I can watch it when my mom is giving me a bath.”

    • It’s an ice show based on Sailor Moon. At most, it’s a quick rehash of the first arc. They’re telling the story through choreography, not dialogue. If you’re attending, you already know the story regardless.

      Troll post gonna troll.

      • The Princess Kaguya story actually takes place during the third arc (Death Busters) iirc, and there will be prerecorded voiceovers (see casting announcement from the poster).

        But yeah people who don’t understand Japanese aren’t not the target audience for this event anyway. Spoonfed scrubs outside of Japan continue to be outraged over how authentic events are not catered specifically to their language skills or geography.

        • Yeah, I didn’t even bother to check previous annoucements to see if there was story info. Assuming a Dark Kingdom rehash works 90% of the time.

          You’re absolutely correct about the target audience. This has always been a weak point when it comes to Japanese cultural exports. J-pop could have had the same success as K-pop if it had been welcoming of international fans.

          At the end of the day, Sailor Moon is a Japanese franchise with no obligation to make any content available outside their domestic market. Fans living in a country that traditionally was the largest and most important market are likely not prepared to deal with foreign creators who do not care one bit about them or their money.

    • Alas Luke, it will not end in May. Or maybe in the USA, depending on how fast people are vaccined in each state. But every countries are at a different level of vaccination, alas. Here in France, we’re terribly late and we’ve been on lockdown again since the end of March, and our cheap government refuses to recognize their mistakes and responsibilities in the crisis management. If everything goes well and no new variant resistant to vaccines emerges from one country or another, I assume the world may start to see the end of this chaos only in 2022. Hoping I’m not being too optimistic…

    • Not likely, unless you mean May 2022.

      Japan only started vaccinating its elderly citizens last week. The rest of the general public will probably not have access to vaccines until summer, if not later.

  3. I think it’s safe to say that not a single person who’s commented here so far has or will have tickets to this event, either for this year or next year.

    Thanks anyway, Adam

      • I actually like reading about events I absolutely can’t attend, generally! Because then I can sit here and imagine what it’s like. :) *Smiles as he daydreams about Sailor Guardians literally made of ice.*

        • For sure. I’ve never been to Japan yet I always throw in a little note at the end asking if any reader are going to go to Japan to have this wonderful experiences I’m missing! For me I just wait until an eventual home video release, if any. I don’t know why we never got anything for The Super Live. I still haven’t seen it.

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