Check out KILLY’s music video for “Sailor Moon”

Sailor Moon - KILLY

Canadian hip-hop artist KILLY”s latest music video is for a song called Sailor Moon! You can check out the video below.

Check out this link to buy or listen to the song on various streaming services and stores. So what does this song have to do with Sailor Moon? Well it seems that KILLY’s “bad bitch” leans on him like Sailor Moon! The song mentions SRT though I don’t imagine this a reference to .srt files, the SubRip Subtitle files sometimes used for downloaded fan subbed versions of anime such as Sailor Moon! The song isn’t exactly full of references to the show, but it is in fact called Sailor Moon and KILLY does appear to have a fondness for the character!

When asked about his interest in Sailor Moon in an interview with Complex KILLY he said that he wasn’t a huge fan but that he used to watch it when it came on TV while he was a kid. KILLY was born in Toronto and moved to Victoria, BC when he was 8. As a fellow Canadian I know that Sailor Moon played quite a bit on TV here especially back when it was first airing starting in 1995 which means most Canadians who were young at the time are at least somewhat familiar with the show, but KILLY was born in 1997 so he may have seen the show when Sailor Moon S or SuperS aired in Canada years later.

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What do you think of the song?

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13 thoughts on “Check out KILLY’s music video for “Sailor Moon”

  1. I asked my Google Home Hub to play some Sailor Moon music on Youtube and this started playing.
    I was not impressed! XD

  2. Well, that was a thing. True, the SFX reminded me of anime, but beyond the one mention, there’s nothing to really warrant naming this song “Sailor Moon.”

    • Wow! Rude!
      While this kind of music is definitely not my style, reporting on Sailor Moon related NEWS is what the blog is for.
      I mean, you don’t have to stick around.

    • Some people here often let Adam know thanks to the comment section of important news and updates related to the Sailor Moon franchise (Sailor Moon Eternal, DVD releases, etc.) and that he might have missed otherwise… In the aftermath, he always ends up writing articles about these news. Therefore Mitsu, if you think his website is “becoming a cesspool of garbage”, then maybe you could do the same as the other fellow commenters by sharing some meaningful information about the franchise from time to time, in order to allow Adam to write about it? Well done is better than well said, after all ;) .

      • Good plan! Sailor Moon news is hard to come by right now. I will be the first to admit all of it doesn’t appeal to me, but as a Sailor Moon fan community, I think the blog does pretty darn well at giving us stuff to chat about.

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