Evgenia Medvedeva is headed to Japan in anticipation of the Sailor Moon Prism on Ice show

Evgenia Medvedeva returning to Japan

Last week I shared the poster for the upcoming Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Prism On Ice show which is planned for June. I also mentioned that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these dates could be in question. On Wednesday Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, who will star as Sailor Moon in the show, mentioned on Instagram that she is currently on her way to Japan in advance of anticipated border closures between Canada and Japan. As she recently returned from the United States to Canada, she mentions having been in quarantine. This is likely the 14 days of self isolation mandated by the Canadian Government for those returning from international travel. She also makes reference to ice rinks and gyms being closed, as is currently the case throughout Ontario.

She had the following to say:

I ended quarantine after returning from the US to Canada. I have been spending time at home for more than last two weeks. The ice rinks and gyms are closed in Canada, nothing works. As you know, we will have “Prism on ice” (sailor moon show) this June in Japan. In accordance with border closures between Canada and Japan for an indefinite period, my team and I decided to leave Canada and fly to Japan in advance. I am safe and everything is good! I love all of you, be safe and please take care of yourself and your nearest and dearest!

While it is certainly possible that this event could be impacted by the ongoing pandemic, it seems like it isn’t canceled yet! Evgenia Medvedeva is headed to Japan early in order to work on her training in anticipation of this show. She is not the only person traveling to Japan from Canada and any further restrictions on international travel could impact who might be available for this show.

Sailor Moon episode 19 - Sailor Mars wearing a mask

If you’re living outside of Japan and were hoping to attend this show, I would suggest you reconsider any international travel this summer. Even if the show continues as planned, the worldwide health crisis is likely to be ongoing in many countries and spending time traveling and in airports is a risk which should not be taken lightly.

Regardless of what happens we are certainly hoping Evgenia Medvedeva and the rest of the cast and crew involved with the show continue to be healthy during these difficult times. Stay safe, stay healthy and take care of yourselves.

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11 thoughts on “Evgenia Medvedeva is headed to Japan in anticipation of the Sailor Moon Prism on Ice show

  1. As much as I would love to be forced to live in Japan for a few months this is not the time to do it. So sad that people are doing so much just in case plans go ahead. I think they should have pushed this show back till early 2021 for everyone’s sake.

  2. As excited as everyone is, they should just push it back or even consider making it a streamed show without an audience.
    I love Sailor Moon, but I do not want anyone to be put at risk just for a show none of us have to have.

        • Thank you, Saintfighteraqua :D .

          Two of my husband’s colleagues have symptoms of Covid-19 (they’ve not been tested, though, like thousands of people here, because there are not enough tests in the country currently). They are now both staying at their homes. They are policemen and, since masks are also lacking in France (but the entire world need masks), they work without any protection. So, I don’t know now what might happen for my husband, his colleagues and I.

          I am at home, “partially unemployed” as we say in France for the people whose company has been temporarily closed, but who keep on being paid, though it’s the State that pay us now (but of course, the “State” is our taxes), and we will only receive a part of our payoff, which is nothing but normal. Though this system is fragile, we are lucky. I’ve read things about the work situation in the USA, and I couldn’t help but thinking of all of you guys, hoping that you were well and did not lose your jobs.

          What about you, my friend?

          • Things are much the same here, thankfully I have been blessed so far with no sicknesses related to COVID-19 in my family or friends.
            I have been social distancing and it’s hard not seeing friends.
            I am also partially unemployed since they slashed my company’s hours so low that I am lucky to work even a couple of hours (no exaggeration.)

            I have no real grievances, for which I am very thankful. Just staying at home and trying to stay busy cleaning and playing Animal Crossing (and soon FFVII remake)

            I know the rest of the world, including large cities here in the USA are not doing as well and it makes me sad.
            We are all going to receive relief checks soon.

            I am glad that you are well.
            I will pray for you and your husband!

          • Thank you Saintfighteraqua!

            I hope that you are still fine, as well as your family and friends. I’m sorry to hear about your work situation and wish you the best to handle it.

            Those are strange times that the ones we are going through. But human being went through even harsher things. May this pandemic help us all to become better people.

            Stay safe, my friend.
            I hope we will soon have news of our other fellow mates, and that they are doing well, too.

  3. New art is available on the official page for a commercial. The girls are all on it, including the outers. There are very small pictures though, but the outers designs are included in the poster. The only that can be clear visible are Usagi and Chibi Usa. It looks a lot closer to Tadano’s design that was revealed last year and nothing like the leaked trailer. I guess it las fake after all.

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