Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1’s DVD and Blu-Ray release has been delayed until April 24th

Sailor Moon SuperS Limited Edition Blu-Ray and DVD

Fans waiting for Viz’s next Sailor Moon TV series release will need to be a little more patient. The release had originally been scheduled for April 10th, as we mentioned back in November, however some readers have noticed that pre-orders were being delayed until April 24th. Indeed the listings on Amazon and Right Stuf’s web sites now show an April 24th release date. After some concern in our comments section reader Drew reached out to Viz for clarification and they confirmed that the new release date for Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1 is in fact April 24th. This is only a two week delay but I know some fans have been waiting quite some time for this one!

Sailor Moon SuperS Special - Haruka and Michiru during SuperS

I’m not aware of any reason given for the delay, though such things are not uncommon. Since there haven’t been any dubbed episodes released to stream yet this will be the first chance we get to hear Viz’s new Sailor Moon SuperS dub. It will also be the first time the Sailor Moon SuperS Special will be available in North America. This shows, amongst other things, what Haruka and Michiru were up to during the Sailor Moon SuperS season. Are you planning on picking up this set? You can pre-order it from Amazon using the link below.

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33 thoughts on “Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1’s DVD and Blu-Ray release has been delayed until April 24th

  1. The 10th or the 24th, it’ll still take my library an age or two to go over my request for them to purchase it, approve it, and then for the damn thing to come in. So no matter what, it’s going to be a long wait for me.

  2. 2 weeks longer o well, I preordered it a while back so I can wait a few extra days to hear rita yell at the amazon trio lol, hope there isn’t an issue with the product like way back on season 2 part 2 where an episode was totally messed up in the printing, just speculation on my part as to why the delay but who knows, last I seen tho the dvd by itself was still coming on the 10th per amazons site but in this day and age why would you just get the dvds when there is a blu ray copy out there lol

  3. Why is everything about this frsnchize so disorganized, no matter the country? The first two seasons were released on Blu ray in japan and then not a damn word about the rest. Crystal will take a decade to be finished with all the delays. Viz are releasing the old show with the speed of a turtule, the Perfect Edition of the manga is delayed infinitely. Viz dubbed the R movie ages sgo and dont mention releasing the rest. Everything is so slow and random, evem the board games were delayed to the point they use an artwork no one identifies with Crystal anymore….

    • Always has been, probably always will be. It’s very frustrating, but since I came into the fandom in the late 90’s the waiting game and disorganization the series has has been a nightmare.
      It usually always comes back to Toei. They really don’t know what to do with it.
      They took forever to let Dic license any more of it, then they never let us have Stars…I can only imagine the headache it is for any country outside of Japan trying to deal with them.
      They are notorious for ripping companies off and they don’t give a care about us fans at all, obviously.

      • I agree, but it is not just anime related – figurines are being delayed, manga new release is being delayed, Naoko was advartized to release a new artbook in 2014.., and we never heard from it ever again. I’m from a country that Sailor Moon has never been released or broadcast, but I’ve been a fan since I was like 6 in 1997, watching it in German, without understanding a thing. Eer since internet became a thing I’ve been searching stuff about it and it has always been a mess.

          • It’s just what Garet and Saintfighteraqua say – it’s like Kodansha and Toei both don’t respect one of their most valuable assets. All Toei are for is Pretty Shitty Cure to sell toys, while Sailor Moon brings hell a lot of money from licensing. Crystal is being released in USA, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and this year Latin America will also broadcast it. God knows how much money this licensing bring to their pockets. Now with these Crystal movies if done right they might actually get screenings abroad. Pretty Cure was never interetional success as no more tha a season or two being dubbed in a couple of countries and their movies never made it outside Japan. Sailor Moon is world-wide successful franchise that deserve respect at least as much as Card Captor Sakura, which blew my mind with its stunningly animated Clear Card season that was delivered *surprise, surprise* on damn time.

    • Don’t know about that other stuff but I do know no more Crystal can be dubbed until it’s released in Japan. So, that’s Toei’s fault not Viz’s fault. They can’t dub what hasn’t been created yet.

      • I’m not talking about Crystal dub. I’m just saying that TOEI have no respect to their beast when it comes to licensing.

    • wtf, haven’t gotten a change in date yet from amazon but who knows with the rate this is going, last I checked the dvd only set is still slated for the 10th and at this time the combo pack and collectors set is still for the 24th of april really hope this is a bad dream

        • that seems very strange, why would they release a movie on a Saturday when generally a rule of thumb is movies and shows get released on a Tuesday? did you order straight through viz media? I checked today and amazon still has a street date of that Tuesday and I checked even with other stores like target and best buy and they both still show a Tuesday release and not a Saturday, honestly something smells fishy there

    • omg they did some stellar casting by having zirconia voiced by Barbara (Rita Repulsa) listening to her voice is music to my ears, cant wait to get this set and im hoping that they will use her on the queen once she makes her appearance later on in this arc

  4. What is it with these people at Viz? Are they stoned or something? First it was the 10th, than it was the 28th and now it is on the 24th. Make up your fucking minds already Viz!

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