You’ll need to shell out a lot of Moon Bucks to buy these gold and silver Sailor Moon coins

Sailor Moon Collectible Coins - Gold and Silver

Good news for exceptionally wealthy Sailor Moon fans who like to flaunt their money! A couple of official Sailor Moon coins are being minted to celebrate the 25th anniversary. There will be a gold and silver coin and despite their coming in $10 and $2 denominations they are significantly more expensive. The gold $10 coin costs 39,800 yen, about $375 US while the silver $2 coin is a mere 19,800 yen or $187 US. Yes it would appear, based on the amount listed on the coin, that the more expensive gold coin is the better value! In truth, the economics of these Cook Island coins are a bit more complicated as I’ll explain shortly.

Sailor Moon Collectible Coin - Gold

The gold coin features Super Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon SuperS on one side with the face of Queen Elizabeth II on the other. The silver coin has Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon S with her Spiral Heart Moon Rod as well as Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus with the Moon Palace in the background on one side and again the face of Queen Elizabeth II on the other. Both are dated 2017 which is not actually the year these coins are being sold in. They come in nice collectible boxes. The gold coin box features Super Sailor Moon with her Kaleidomoon Scope and the silver coin box shows the Space-Time Door. Queen Elizabeth II is featured on these coins, as she is featured on many pieces of currency around the world including those here in Canada because the Cook Islands has a free association with New Zealand and New Zealand, though they have a Prime Minister, still has Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state. Since Sailor Moon is technically royalty and the future Queen of Crystal Tokyo there really are two monarchs on these coins which seems like a bit of a conflict.

Sailor Moon Collectible Coin - Silver

What are the Cook Islands? Good question! I’d never heard of these before hearing about these coins. This series of small islands in the Pacific get their name from Captain James Cook and have a reputation for helping investors shelter their money, though not through investing in expensive Sailor Moon collectible coins. Since Cook Island’s Government allows private groups to mint commemorative coins for a fee they regularly produce this sort of collectible coin. Taking a quick look at the Japanese Mint’s list of collectible coins released to date we can see that unlike other countries they aren’t in the market of making anime and other pop culture based coins, which is likely why these are being made in the Cook Islands. What will the $10 and $2 coins actually be worth in Cook Island dollars then? The Cook Island dollar has a fixed exchange rate with the New Zealand dollar. The $10 gold piece has a value of about $7.30 US while the $2 silver coin is worth about $1.45 US … or at least they would be except for the fact that commemorative coins from Cook Island are not recognized as legal tender on the Cook Islands. That’s probably for the best since it would take you over 50 Sailor Moon gold coins to buy one Sailor Moon gold coin when exchange rates are considered.

Sailor Moon Collectible Coin boxes

As a Canadian I’m familiar with a number of collectible coins based on popular franchises being sold here for a fraction of this price with such coins often selling for $50 to $150 which seems cheap in comparison to these! Though only some of these are minted in Canada I was surprised, while looking into these, that some of them are produced by the New Zealand mint for places such as Nieu, near the Cook Islands. Since Canadian coins also feature Queen Elizabeth II such things are not always evident when examining a coin at face value. There is clearly a complex world of collectible coin politics I’ve only just scratched the surface of!

Are you a rich person who heats their home with the burning pages of Sailor Moon Volume Infinity art books who plans on getting these?

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29 thoughts on “You’ll need to shell out a lot of Moon Bucks to buy these gold and silver Sailor Moon coins

  1. *Dives into a sea of them like Scrooge McDuck. He even swims through them and washes himself with all the coins.*

    • If they are that desperate why can’t they show some material and start a fund raiser. Sailor Moon is so popular they will reach their goal in a week…

          • Reward Perk: “Get Usagi Tsukino to record your voicemail message.” *Joe cracks open the wallet*

          • Usagi “Automatic” Tsukino, to Saintfighteraqua who’s been desperately trying to get in touch with Joseph for days: “Hello, welcome to Mr Joseph Layton’s voicemail. Mr Layton is not here for now. He is currently fighting evil by moonlight, but he will be back at dawn, and will therefore call you back as soon as possible. Thank you and goodbye.”

            Saintfighteraqua: “Yeah, fighting evil by moonlight but then sleeping for the rest of the day and never calling you back. No need to wonder why he’s seeking financial advice to try to save his business.”

          • … I… I have no words. That made me grin so much! “A true gentleman knows when to praise a freakin’ dandy post!” *tips hat*

          • They would have gained a budged for 5 season with production ig kind of animation back in 2013-14…

  2. I hate that, when items release with only a limited time to buy them. They don’t realize some people make very little money, so it takes awhile to save up. That’s how I lost the Chibimoon coin cause I couldn’t save up enough money in time.

  3. Well, this Crystal Night on March 16 wont b related to Crystal at all, so our hope is the Anime Matsuri, Texas, Hope people there won’t let Chiaki Kon to leave without revealif something.

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