Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Live Action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 12 - Usagi as Santa Claus

Tuxedo Mask dressed as Santa Claus - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Sailor Moon S The Movie

Sailor Moon Petit Chara Christmas figures

Keiko Kitagawa - Merry Christmas

Sailor Moon Merry Christmas Album

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20 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  1. I had a pretty good Hanukkah. Even got the Queen Beryl Pop! figure. Heh!

    Well, 2018… in the name of the moon—we’ll punish you!

      • *Joseph is already having a romantic candlelit dinner with him seated on one side, and the Beryl figure standing on top the surface at the opposite side. Two of the restaurant’s mustached staff adoringly serenade them with accordion and mandolin. And that’s when Joe notices Aurelia’s presence!*

        … Um. This is a private date. But, true, I have a crush on her! ☺️

        Haha, I’m flattered you remembered.

        • Hehe, with Beryl in love with you and not with Endymion, the Moon and Earth Kingdoms are no longer in danger ;) !

          Happy New Year to you, dear Joseph, and to all our fellow friends here!

  2. Moonies, may this year be the year of success,happiness and may this be the year that we will accomplish all of our dreams (may this be a great year for sailor moon too ;))

    • May this year we finally get at LEAST some news for the Dream arc! Dragon Ball Super is doing so good I truly hopefor the same

      • Yes totally agree, i really do hope that the dream arc will be great and successful, but for now all we can do is pray for the best ;)

  3. Happy New Year, moon rabbits! I wish you to be healthy, loved and all your dreams to come true. Speaking of Dreams, let’s hope this year to bring us a gorgeously animated Crystal IV

  4. Happy New Year Moonies! Long time no comment but I am actually visit here regularly, looking for some news about the Crystal sequel. I hope it will come out in 2018.

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