Check out the box art for Sailor Moon R The Movie on home video

Sailor Moon R The Movie DVD

We previously announced that Sailor Moon R The Movie, recently released to theatres in North America, was coming out on home video April 18th. We now have a look at the box art for this release! The above image showing the cover art and the image showing a bit of the spine are on Right Stuf’s listing for the DVD. This is new art likely made by artist Marco Albiero who did cover art for many international releases of the original Sailor Moon anime. (Update: Marco Albiero has confirmed that he did not in fact make this cover) It includes Tuxedo Mask, Fiore and the Sailor Guardians. Some fans have some not terribly wonderful things to say about this art. What do you think?

Sailor Moon R The Movie DVD

The Blu-Ray version is also posted on Right Stuf’s web site but the cover art isn’t included. It seems likely that the image used will be similar.

Sailor Moon R The Movie poster

Some fans have said that they’d prefer to have seen the original Japanese poster for Sailor Moon R The Movie used. An image of that poster is included above. This poster has the distinction of being included in the liner notes of a U2 CD.

U2 in front of a Sailor Moon R The Movie poster

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34 thoughts on “Check out the box art for Sailor Moon R The Movie on home video

  1. Is it too much to ask that Sailor Moon fans stop complaining about everything like whiny little babies?! The art is beautiful and it’s brand new! Be thankful that it’s even being released and receiving such attention! Sheesh!

      • Apparently we’re the only sane ones in this forum. Everyone else just likes to argue and nitpick every little thing that they feel is wrong. When season 1 of Crystal came out, everybody was all “I hate the CGI, I hate the new style, I hate how there’s no character development because the story is condensed”… then season 3 came out and it’s “I hate how it looks like Precure, I hate the new transformation sequences, they’re too short and quick and the quality isn’t up to par with the CGI of the previous season, I hate how they just basically recycled Uranus and Neptune’s transformation and the music is all wrong”…. I’m just fed up with people that are constantly unsatisfied with everything and I know they have the right to say what they want, but so do I and that includes calling out morons that just want to complain about everything! Sorry not sorry!

    • Is it too much asked that people like you stop complaining like whiny little babies too ? See, your attitude is not better than the one of the people you denounce ;) … Do you know freedom of speech ? Let the unsatisfied fans complain about what they dislike in the Sailor Moon franchise, it won’t change anything to the fate of the world, and it’s their right :) . You may like this art, but it’s not the case of everyone. It’s called subjectivity.

      Personally, I like this art. If some others don’t, why not.

      • First of all, freedom of speech is a law against governmental tyranny and censorship. It has nothing to do public opinions. Second, you’re a troll and a keyboard warrior who argues for the sake of argument which is clear because you yourself like the art and just felt compelled to be put your two cents. Third, just as they have the right to be whiny about every little thing, I have the right to disagree with them and that includes typing it here. Choose your battles and go find justice where it is really lacking.

        • With all my respects, can you please calm down? This is a Sailor Moon forum where everyone can give their opinion about Sailor Moon, not some sort of verbal arena like you seem to think it is. First, freedom of speech is indeed a law, but it isn’t only against governmental tyranny; it applies in everyday life, and here is an exemple as another. These people don’t like this art, it’s their right wether they are right or not, and while I’m grateful for you to defend the Sailor Moon franchise, you don’t need to feel insulted or reply so vehemently. Secondly, this person that you just called a troll, keyboard warrior or whatever, has done absolutely nothing to you, she’s just giving her opinion (freedom of speech, remember?), and while the said freedom of speech gives you the right to disagree with her, it does not give you the right to insult her. As far as I am concerned, this person always post clever and encouraging comments on this forum, and what I could see of her clearly showed me that she wouldn’t be the kind of person to start an argument just for the sake of starting one. If you felt attacked or insulted by this person, please be reassured, it is obvious to me she didn’t mean anything unrespectful.

          That being said, of course you have the right to say your opinion – just as we do. But please remember that your freedom stops where other’s starts, so it does not gives you the right to lack of respect toward people, especially those you don’t know, even if it is for the sake of defending something or someone. And once again, I am grateful for you to defend the Sailor Moon franchise’s work.

  2. I don’t know, I personally would’ve liked for them to use the original art as well. I love Marco’s work but as far as some of his stuff has gone, this is sub par fanart level at best. Kinda disappointed.

  3. The art itself is well done. It just does not look right with the designs they have had. What would have made more sense is for them to have the artist just retrace the original Japanese poster in the new art style. The artwork just doesn’t have action shots. Everything feels still instead of being in motion. Maybe even if they did not just retrace the art of the original Japanese poster and had the soldiers pose in a action shot that would have worked better. Right now everyone in the cover just looks relaxed and bored. The crystal seems random as sailor moon is not doing the same pose as the original Japanese poster so it seems to have an odd placement. I hope the fixed some of the fuzziness, but I doubt it. I’m pretty sure at this point the art work is sadly finalized.

  4. wow that was a fast release I cant wait, is it coming in a combo pack like the seasons have done so far? and if anyone doesn’t like the new box art they could of snubbed us and gave us the ugly one they had years ago think it was a boring pink box true they could of used the poster but when do movies ever really use there posters for box art

  5. I was really hoping they would have used the movie poster art for the box. Marco’s art is great but I’m not into this as a dvd cover. Less is more IMO, this is kindof bizarre. I hope the blu ray doesn’t use this artwork.

  6. Honestly, the light thing that is going on at the Legendary Silver Crystal, kinda looks like a vagina.
    And i know that everyone is gonna attack me in the comments but thats just my opinion

  7. I like the colors a lot, but the placement of the characters seems… off. I don’t know. I’m not a hater, though. It’s not like I’m going to angrily throw a flower at Fiore.

    • The contrasting facial expressions of Tuxedo Mask and Fiore are amusing. It’s like Fiore is angrily telling a smug Mamoru to be quiet after saying something.

  8. So they looked at this picture and thought it was good enough for mass production? The same thing can be asked for all the dvd/blu-ray releases, actually.

  9. Honestly, the light thing that is going on at the Legendary Silver Crystal, kinda looks like a vagina.
    I know that every singel one of u are gonna attack me at the comments, but thats just my opinion.

    And don’t ask me how i know it !!!

  10. It’s not terrible artwork, I just don’t think it has as much impact as the original Japanese movie poster art does. Maybe if they had Tuxedo Mask and Fiore facing away from each other, and have them faded into the background to help break up the monotony of the solid cel-shading? I dunno… I mean, is it going to prevent me from buying it? Of course not, I love this movie. I’m not really complaining, just making observations.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel. If a bad cover art seriously puts you off enough to not buy the movie, you’re not much of a fan.

  11. Yeah, sure it ain’t perfect, but it is giving me flashbacks to the those pink VHS tapes of the original English dub.

  12. Just preordered. Can’t wait to see it! I’m just concerned about Sailor Moon S Part 2. Is it still coming out this spring?

  13. Honestly I need to agree with all the complaining. The art does look off. For me the reason why I get so frustrated about Sailor Moon in today’s world is because you can tell the care factor is so low both with Toei in Japan and Viz in America.

    I feel that Toei is trying to make an extra couple of bucks on a franchise who’s original audience is now 25 years and older. I’m 30, so of course I’m going to look at Crystal from a different prospective than the original when I was 9. Yes the original has nostalgia so for Crystal it’s hard to compete; But when I look at comparison clips on YouTube the 90s animation was and is truly better than Crystal. For example Neptunes hair and Uranus’s hands in their transformation sequence, or the odd body position during Sailor Moon’s moon spiral heart attack. I guess what makes Crystal great is the fact that it is in HD, however you would think that the animation would be superior to the original due to advancements in technology.

    Now on to Viz. I think Viz decided to dub Sailor Moon just to dub Sailor Moon. I also think Viz goes through moments of caring; for example having a random movie premier, which I am greatful for. However during an interview with Stephanie Sheh she recounts when she found out she got the part of Sailor Moon. Her story just seemed so nonchalant for an anime that should be well respected. That moment in her interview never really sat right with me. Also just the voice acting alone makes me depressed. People criticize the new dub so hard on if the voice sounds right, but to me in order to make these characters come to life you need to have actors and not people who can regurgitate line in a low or high voice. There are a few actors in the new dub, but few.

    Overall I love Sailor Moon, and I am greatful for something even if it’s not the best in terms of quality.

    • If only Toei would give Crystal the attention it deserves. I’m going to love it either way, BUT as someone who does love it I feel like that gives me a right to complain when they do something incredibly sloppy or lazy.
      These people saying “You aren’t a true fan unless you accept whatever they shove down your throat” are the ones who are not true fans, in my opinion. They are also the types who allow bad habits to continue. We complained about season 1-2 and we got a much better season 3. That doesn’t mean season 3 is flawless and they can certainly improve for season 4 and 5.
      Now those who just hate on it because it’s new, that’s just as silly.
      I do feel like much more care was taken with the original anime.

      • I totally agree! Maybe for the 40th anniversary! I think we all just need to agree that we all LOVE Sailor Moon. Some are just happy for anything, some are upset because they want quality and not something that may taint the legacy.

      • @Saintfighteraqua
        “These people saying “You aren’t a true fan unless you accept whatever they shove down your throat” are the ones who are not true fans, in my opinion. They are also the types who allow bad habits to continue.”

        Howdy! I beg your pardon, but I said something in these comments that used some of those words. Were you referring to me? I do agree that criticism is valid and has its place; what I was saying is that I think it’d–in my opinion–be illogical to turn down this home video release just because of the cover, which I have seen across forums. Granted, that might have been harsh of me. But I, too, love Sailor Moon and Crystal to death, despite them having its share of flaws.

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