New episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal have been announced

Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary project

The Sailor Moon official site has mentioned that a sequel to Sailor Moon Crystal is coming as part of their recently announced 25th Anniversary celebration. On their official web site in the “Sailor Moon Crystal” section of the 25th Anniversary page a message appears in Japanese which roughly translates to:

Animation “Sailor Moon Crystal”
Continuation production decision!

We have decided to produce the sequel of anime “Sailor Moon Crystal”!
More information will be announced shortly.
Please look forward to it ♪

So it looks like the series will be continuing in some form, and as usual we are asked to wait for more information. Will this be the Dream arc, continuing the story where it left off, or something different? More news as we learn it!

New episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal announced

Are you excited about the 25th Anniversary? I wonder if this one will go on until the 30th Anniversary!

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36 thoughts on “New episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal have been announced

  1. The “sequel”. I’m enraged. I am sorry, but what are they talking about? Why can they just not give us some respect and just say “the fourth season”. I don’t know ,maybe I am crazy and am asking too much. Hasn’t Sailormoon been through the ringer enough as it is, with the design change after two seasons? What more do they want to do to it? lord help us

  2. hope its the last 2 arcs, then a hope of the last few seasons of the original in English dub, cant belive that there 20th anniversary went so far to a point there going to move on to a 25th anniversary that’s so sad they dragged this out so far that it hurts

      • I hope it includes figuarts villian sets. None of this waiting 8 months in between each BS… I want a set of all four spectre sisters, all 5 witches, animamates, and I want them yesterday.

        • I don’t think they will ever release Figuarts villains sets, since the Black Moon Clan (including the Spectre Sisters) and the Amazon Trio were released via the Petit Chara franchise. But that would be so nice to get them as Figuarts, especially since the Petit Chara villains sets represent them in their “classic” incarnations. Nothing was finally planed for their Crystal versions, except the Shitennou rubber straps that were released in 2015, if my memory serves me well. I wish there was some “classic” or Crystal figures for the Shitennou, though… Because I want my Shitennou figures so much, that’s so unfair for these guys !!! As for the Witches 5 and the Animamates, we can only ask what sort of merchandising Toei/Bandai have in mind… If they do have something in mind, of course. The Sailor Moon merchandising is almost dead at this time.

          • It really has been dead. It’s starting to slowly pick back up, but not fast enough. Did you see that Shittennou are being released in Petit Chara?

            Also, since they did black lady in figuarts, at the very least Mistress 9 would be nice.

          • Oh, thank you so much for mentioning the release of the Shitennou in Petit Chara, I can’t even believe it :) !!! I still don’t understand why the Black Moon Clan and the Amazon Trio were prior, but now that my dream has come true, I think I’m gonna let it go. They waited the 25th Birthday for this, why not…

            And like you, I’d very like to see a Figuart of Mistress 9. The two evil forms of Chibi Moon and Saturn would go perfectly together :D .

            Also, I think we will agree on the fact that once the new season of Crystal is released, merchandising wil highly resume.

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