Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 35, Infinity 9 – Infinite Labyrinth 2, Monday June 6th starting at 10:30am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 35 Preview - Usagi

The next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will air on Japanese TV on Monday June 6th at 11pm Japan Standard Time. Immediately afterwards it will start to be available to stream on Crunchyroll, Neon Alley and Hulu. In Act 35, Infinity 9 – Infinite Labyrinth 2, the gang continue to fight against the Death Busters and work their way down Infinity floors under Mugen Academy which should take them out of the other side of the earth, outside of our galaxy and beyond the end of the known universe.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 35 Preview - Hotaru protecting Chibiusa

Mistress 9 has eaten the Silver Crystal which contains Chibiusa’s soul. Inside of Mistress 9 she’ll meet Hotaru’s soul and they’ll get up to all sorts of fun.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 35 Preview - Mistress 9

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32 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 35, Infinity 9 – Infinite Labyrinth 2, Monday June 6th starting at 10:30am Eastern Time

    • I hope they do. I’m kind of scared to see how they animate Pegasus though. I have a feeling he’ll be CG.
      I’m so excited to see the Dream Arc and later Stars. The 90’s anime botched them both badly.

        • The anime of Stars was infinitely better then the manga version.
          Dream I could go either way, but Nehelenia’s anime version was a lot more convincing and a better nemesis to the Sailors ideals then the manga’s Maleficent rip off.

          • Agree to disagree.

            The Crystal upgrade of the Senshis, the importance of Outer Senshis, the coronation of Usagi and Mamoru, the Asteroid senshis, Sailor Cosmos etc. I believe the manga have so many promising aspects than the anime, the reasons I am looking forward to the realization in Sailormoon Crystal. And, well, the original is still the best.
            The 90s anime is like a local version, spell cheap, compared to the universe setting of the manga. :D

          • The manga had good ideas, but the world building was crappy and the scale ended up tiny because of it. Things were said but never explored and the plot points that were there were never utilised, especially in the Stars arc. The anime was more grounded, but because of that had far, far better plots, characters and a massively more complete and satisfactory story.
            The manga is one of the weaker Sailor Moon iterations. Original or not, 90s anime, PGSM and even some of the musicals expanded on the core concepts of the manga and improved them massively.

        • Still manga and crystal for me. Without the Original they will have no idea how to recreate. The other iterations will stand on their own but I will not appreciate them ever. That is why I said, “agree to disagree”.

  1. Will Sailor Chibi Moon be held by multiple older individuals or is she doomed to be trapped forever in the nude inside the body of a homicidal cyborg that’s also her best friend?
    Will Sailor Neptune’s hair finally decide how long it wants to be?
    Can someone finally draw the inner senshi without fish eyes?!

    On the next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal…

    The Moonlight is the Messenger of Love…

      • omg that’s funny, and really catching detail to the sailors, how bout if they make up there mind if there attacks are gonna be original or just bad mesh ups of the 90’s versions, how bout will pluto become a true planet proctor since she isn’t really a real planet anymore

    • So many existential questions here… let’s hope we’ll get all the answers in the next episode !

      But I have some ideas about what they might be :

      – The Inner Senshi and their fish eyes : I think it’s a strong sign that we may get the Dream Arc. Toei has simply decided that the Inners would serve as guinea pigs in order to make Fish Eye’s eyes look as good as possible in a near future. Because honestly, who gives a shit about the Inners in Infinity ? We have the Outers now and they really kick ass, so the Inners can be used for all sorts of drawing experimentations, no one will care, really.

      – About Neptune’s hair : they may act a bit like the Enchanted Ceiling in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, in “Harry Potter”. When there are enemies around, Neptune’s hair are longer, and when all is calm, they are shorter. Even Sailor Mars can’t beat that. And I imagine quite easily the scene :
      Haruka : “Hey Michiru, your hair have grown ! The Death Busters are messing up again !”
      Michiru : “Okay, let’s go Haruka ! My inside ocean is rough indeed ! Not sure Mars’ inner fire can beat that.”

      As for the first question… I’d rather stay neutral :D .

  2. A rainbow superimposed over Chibiusa and Hotaru… How fortuitous… (It’s LGBT Pride Month in the USA right now. Not that this has anything to do with anime being produced in Japan, but I thought that some shippers would find it an amusing coincidence.)

  3. Can this episode surpass the marvelous, magnificent, majestic Act 31 in the animation department? Beats me.

  4. OMG.Sailor moon crystal will be dubed in my language in my country (btw I’m one of those people who liked sailor moon crystal season 1 and 2).I’m literally crying because I’m so happy

  5. Excited! I seriously love Mondays now lol that’s how good Sailor Moon is.

    Yeah, I do wonder if they’ll junk straight to Dream. I’m kinda half and half on it. Yeah, I want more episodes to come and I don’t want a 5 month break in between but shit, the animation and art has decreased, so if Toei needs more time to perfect things, then please do take your fucking time to do so, Toei.

  6. I’m about to watch the episode and I’ve noticed that they’ve changed the order of appearance of the Inner Senshi in the opening credit. At the beginning it was Jupiter/Mars/Mercury/Venus and now it’s Jupiter/Mars/Venus/Mercury. One question : what the f*ck is wrong with Mercury ? She has always been the first Senshi discovered after Sailor Moon, and not only she was put aside two times in this new opening credit, but also in the classic anime, when Toei decided that Sailor Mars would be the second Senshi to transform after Sailor Moon and Mercury the third, keeping Jupiter and Venus in the good order.

    Poor Mercury… Toei really hates you !

    • And again they did like in the classic anime in this episode : putting Mars before Mercury. Don’t know if it’s coming from the manga or if it’s a Toei invention, but it really pisses me off -_- .

      Apart from this “detail” and from some crappy and creepy animation (haha, take a look at Tomoe when he faces the Senshi), the episode was very good, with, in peculiar, a very beautiful scene… Finally, I find that only one episode was really disappointing until now in this third season. I can’t wait the moment where Saturn will awake. Sure it will be epic !

      • Yeah, it’s a manga thing.
        Slight spoiler below…

        For some reason Mercury switches places with Mars in order of powerups in this arc and in the next, too.

        • Thank you for the explanation !

          I didn’t know if it was a manga thing or not, but now it’s clear.

          I notice that Mars is indeed always the first to face her nemesis in the arcs following the Dark Kingdom…

          However, it still bugs me.

          • Me too. It almost bugs me as much as how in the original English dub, in the recap episode at the end of the “Nega Moon” arc, Mars says she was the first to get her transformation after Moon when they first awoke. This is due to bad dubbing, but it annoyed the heck out of me back when I was first into the series.

          • I think this is one of the reasons I hated Mars so much in the classic anime : she took Mercury’s place in the order of appearance, thanks to her big mouth I suppose. I know, that’s childish, but it’s stronger than me.

            Not sure if the French dubbing did the same mistake you reported, though. This is outrageous revisionism !

    • Interesting! I always make an effort to list them in order of appearance when I’m listing all of their names. For example if there is a convention appearance I’ll mention the voice of Sailor Moon, then guardians in order of appearance, then Tux, then cats, then others.

      Of course since the voice of Sailor Mercury almost never does cons it doesn’t really matter!

  7. Ok so…u couldn’t show us Deep Submerge or World Shaking? Really? Really! I’m so disappointed. My last hope was that they would use it against Professor Tomoe but nope! No happening and who knows when it’s happening, I just know it won’t be for Infinity arc. That’s honestly some bullshit. No Dead Scream either. No Sailor Pluto transformation. Now I’m 100% sure there will be not Sailor Saturn tranformation either. Budget and time are a real bitch apparently. This episode is one of the worst this season to me. So many expectations undelivered. The Tomoe fight was extremely too quick, wayyyyy too quick. And it looks like Mistress 9 isn’t gonna do shit either other than talk. Talk about anti climatic.

    • I don’t think World Shaking, Deep Submerge or Dead Scream are ever used again in the manga, at least not until the Dream Arc. Likewise, the first time Pluto and Saturn transform, on panel (and therefore on screen in Crystal) is towards the end of the Dream Arc. You’ll have to wait until then to see their transformation.

      • I mean, I’m aware these events don’t occur until the next arc but again, Crystal and manga are not identical. Toei knows fans want to see them. Why fuck around and be lazy?

  8. Not much to say about this episode… I find it very boring and just a filler… I am again disappointed how fast and lame was the battle with Tomoe… All the battles in the series are totally boring and disappointing to me

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