Watch the final episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 26, Replay – Neverending, July 18th at 6am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 26 - Neo Queen Serenity

This weekend is the final episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 26, Replay – Neverending. Though fans continue to hope for more episodes, we still have not had any confirmation of any episodes following the initial 26 episode run. This next episode will be available on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico starting this Saturday, July 18th, at 7pm Japan Standard Time which is 6am Eastern Time, 3am Pacific Time. This will be the final episode of the Dark Moon story arc as we wrap up the story of Crystal Tokyo and Nemesis.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 26 - Sailor Chibi Moon

This is it. Chibiusa has become Sailor Chibi Moon and Nemesis has been blasted away, but with it we also lost Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask! We will finally get to see Neo Queen Serenity return as the final battle with Death Phantom takes place. It’s unclear where exactly things will leave off with this being a finale. Will Chibiusa leave for the future and wrap things up perfectly? Will they still bother upgrading Sailor Moon’s transformation broach and giving her the Heart Moon Rod which she won’t ever get around to using? If another season is ever planned they probably will. Finally will we see the “À Suivre” (to be continued) message at the end of this one as we have with every other episode to date? If we don’t that will certainly be an indicator that there are no new episodes planned.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 26 - Replay - Never Ending

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12 thoughts on “Watch the final episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 26, Replay – Neverending, July 18th at 6am Eastern Time

  1. I think what they’ll do is make a different series to continue the reboot. The next series to continue it wouldn’t be Sailor Moon Crystal but a whole new anime. A bit like what InuYasha did where they have the normal series and The Final Act.

  2. I hope Crystal ends and we get something better as the next series, new animators (or the same animators with a better budget!), a tighter plot and the Infinity Arc.
    I also want it to be weekly. This twice a month stuff and the episodes still looking rushed is sad.
    But, if we get anything at all I’ll be grateful.

  3. unfortunately, I think we can already see from the preview of Act 26 that everything will be healed by Moon Crystal so there will be no upgrade to Moon Heart – thus Toei have change the plot to make it an ultimate final episode without any connections to Infinity Arc

    • Actually, if you paid more closer attention to the preview, it was really nothing but recycled scenes from past eps. The SMC staff would do that sometimes if they hadn’t yet gotten around to animate the next ep, or possibly keep surprises in store.

  4. or hopefully theyll do something like Sword Art Online did with Sword Art Online II, example being sword art online had “2 different seasons” (how NA distinguishes seperate season as a whole and then Sword Art Online II being considered in NA to be season two but japan a whole second series?)

  5. I’m looking forward (but like all of you I guess :) ) to watch this final act.

    Since we don’t know if Crystal’s production will continue, some fans, these last few days, have hypothesized (especially on Tumblr pages) that the Shitennou could be brought back to life at the end of the episode and be part of the Crystal Tokyo “royal team” alongside the Senshi. Here is why (2 links among so many others ; I hope they work) : , .

    Anyway, I think that Crystal has a lot of success, despite all its imperfections, and that Toei may not stop here. It would then be only a question of time before a suite is created and aired…. Personally, I think that SMC will get a new season. I’m maybe too much optimistic ^^ .

    Affaire à suivre :) !

  6. I just hope there will be a ox of these or cheper versions of the dvds, I cant afford the bracelet ones. Heck we barley have any crystal merchendise in Sweden.

  7. I’m still holding out hope for another season of Sailor Moon Crystal. The Infinity arc is one of my favorite arcs of the series and I just love the Outer Soldiers so much. I have truly been enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal and want to see it continue, even if they have to take a brief hiatus before they make more.

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