The worst episode of Sailor Moon is now available on Hulu. Sailor Moon S is delayed until next Monday.

Sailor Moon R episode 89 - Four intros playing at once

Every week since the first four episodes of the original Sailor Moon anime started being released on Hulu and Neon Alley we’ve seen two episodes added to the service every Monday. This week that changes! Today we are only getting episode 89, a clip show. I suppose they didn’t want to split seasons as episode 90 is the first episode of Sailor Moon S. According to the schedule on the Neon Alley site, we will have to wait until next week when we get episodes 90 and 91, the first two of the season.

Sailor Moon R episode 89 - Four intros playing at once

I’ve felt for a long time that episode 89, Usagi and the Girls’ Resolve: Prelude to a New Battle, is the worst of the series. It’s a clip show. This means there is no new footage included. In order to save money the animators reused old clips and added new audio on top of them. The only cool thing about this episode is the intro which plays all four intros we’ve seen to date, the two from the first season and the two from Sailor Moon R, simultaneously. It’s a pretty cool thing to see. Beyond this the clips provide a summary of what we’ve seen to date, including a thorough recap of episode 88 which we saw just last week. The quality of these clips is even worse than from the original episodes. This is just a terrible waste of your time. I do not generally recommend skipping episodes but if you are going to skip any, this is the one to skip. This is not unheard of in the world of anime, or any TV for that matter, but I still consider this kind of cheap move to be an insult to fans and no better than a rerun.

Sailor Moon S episode 90 - Sailor Neptune and Uranus

The episode includes a preview of the first episode of Sailor Moon S. Better than watching a terrible clips episode just to get a preview why not just wait a week and watch that episode in it’s entirety? Truly horrible. Tune in next week for episode 90 in which we are introduced to Professor Tomoe, Kaolinite, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Moon Memorial Laser Disks

If you do enjoy things like this you may be interested in checking out the Sailor Moon Memorials. These are single season recaps of the anime. There are five in total, one for each season, and they are narrated by actors from the show. They include some interesting unique things such as clips from international dubs of the show in many languages which makes them more worth watching than episode 89.

Fiore offers the Kissenian to Tuxedo Mask and a dead Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon R Movie

While you are waiting for something new to watch now would be a great time to watch the Sailor Moon R movie. It’s hard to place chronologically within the series but this is as good a time as any to watch it. Also be sure to watch Make Up! Sailor Soldiers, the short which played with it in theatres. This is also mostly clips but does include some new animation making it more worthwhile than the horrible Sailor Moon R episode 89.

Serenity - Sailor Moon R movie

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10 thoughts on “The worst episode of Sailor Moon is now available on Hulu. Sailor Moon S is delayed until next Monday.

  1. The Sailor Moon R movie doesn’t appear to be on Hulu is it? I figured we would get 89 and the movie this week. The movies were mentioned as part of the overall deal when the series started airing on Hulu

    • It’s not. Indeed. I was hoping it would show up after Sailor Moon R. I suppose we could get it next week but there has been no hype about it. We will see.

        • I’m sure you’re right. Luckily I have it on VHS and DVD so I’m good for now, but it would be nice of them to give fans a way to legally see it. Maybe it will go on Hulu Plus at least.

          • Still waiting for a new DVD. I put the subs from the English version on the video from the Japanese version a few years back but something official would be better! Since this is on film it would look good on Blu-Ray, unlike some of the upscaling that’s been done for the series.

  2. So what you are telling me is that you hate this episode? :)
    It is a bore-fest, but slightly more entertaining in the original English dub since they make some snarky comments about Tomoe and Kaolinite looking like Melvin and Molly, which in retrospect is kind of funny.
    I also remember being so curious about Neptune and Uranus…I remember first imagining Uranus as a brunette and Neptune as a redhead…boy was I wrong (though Michiru does appear as a redhead in one of the art books just once).
    The main thing that bugged me about it in the dub was how Mars proclaims that she was the first Sailor Scout after Moon…did they really forget that fast?
    Anyways, definitely skipping the Japanese version of this one, I think Hulu should have skipped it too. It’s worthless and just exists to fill a gap that should have been filled with more plot or even filler like the last episode of S that formed a bridge to SuperS.

  3. I agree that this was a poor, pointless episode that was never needed and goes nowhere plotwise (of course you could say that about the Dinosaur episode as well). I guess they just needed to fill the quota of a number of episodes for the season and they ran out of filler ideas, and they also wished to tease us with some small clips from S to assure the audience that the show wasn’t over yet.

  4. It certainly is a pointless episode as far as Sailor Moon filler ins but is it that much worse than the infamous dieting episode of the first season? At least this recap episode didn’t bombard young girls with horrible sexist messages about losing weight to “look beautiful.” I wish though they could have at least animated some footage of the girls arguing over their position in the Sailor Team instead of it just being told as dialog over recycled clips but I liked the amusing staring contest they used to try and prove who should be the new leader. I remember for years this episode was the only small bit of S we had access to as it wasn’t until several years later that we finally got S dubbed in English.

    • Indeed. There are different reasons to be bad. This was boring and lacking in content but not offensive in that sense.

      I didn’t consider this was all of S that was seen as I’d seen fansubs before I ever watched this in the dub. By the time S and SuperS were finally dubbed I’d long since seen those series elsewhere.

  5. Yes, it is pointless. Remember though when this show first aired in Japan it aired only once a week. This was an attempt by Toei to introduce new fans to the series, particularly younger kids who had missed out on the first two seasons. As far as it being a cheap move…well, that’s Toei for ya, especially with this show.

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