Sailor Dash, a fan made Sailor Moon video game for Android mobile phones

Pretty Guardian Sailor Dash - Door of Time

There’s a new Sailor Moon video game but it’s not what you might expect. Pretty Guardian Sailor Dash is a new Japanese fan made app for Android cell phones. It’s available for free in the Google Play store. The gameplay is pretty simple. You are Sailor Moon and you scroll through the screen automatically. You can jump or shoot as well as use a special button to consume all of your energy to do a special move. Special items included in the game include Luna P, the Holy Grail, the Key of Space-Time and many of Sailor Moon’s transformation items.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Dash - Title Screen

I’m not sure what other levels may entail as the game is really hard and I haven’t passed the first stage. I seem to inevitably end up falling in a hole with some missed jump rather than running out of health. Different levels seem to be named after different Sailor Guardians though it’s unclear if you actually play as them or not.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Dash - Moon Spiral Heart Attack

The game is free and supported by ads. If you disable mobile data and WiFi the ads won’t show up.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Dash - Instructions

Pretty Guardian Sailor Dash - Gameplay

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13 thoughts on “Sailor Dash, a fan made Sailor Moon video game for Android mobile phones

  1. I’m not on Android currently so can anybody tell me if the game is available outside Japan (unlike many Japanese android games *cough SIF* *cough Aikatsu MV Maker*) and how much memory does it take?

  2. You can spend the hearts and stars for some kind of level up but i have yet to figure out what it does. I have six of the upgrades so far

  3. It’s a very pretty game but the controls just won’t work for me…they are either delayed or non responsive. Going to let my tablet cool down and try tomorrow.

  4. I’ve tried this bad boy on my BF’s phone (he’s a an android user and I’m a iOs user) and it’s so good and well structured ! I think they did a nice job. I couldn’t stop playing tbh lol I hope they’ll release it on iOs too!

  5. So here’s how to play it:
    First thing you should know – the game’s endless (like Temple Run or Subway Surfers) meaning the only purpose of the game is to score as high as possible
    You start as Sailor Moon. In left side of screen there is button to jump and on right it’s to attack. You can attack monsters (probably youmas) but not crystals. You need to jump over crystals and holes.You need to run and collect stars. Stars give you score and game’s currency (since I don’t know how it’s called I’ll call it Coins). You can use coins to upgrade your senshi or buy other (the only currently available to buy is Sailor Mercury but I’m sure that in time other senshi will be added). To unlock senshi costs 3000 coins. You can level up character using same coins. Each attribute (HP and Power) could be leveled until lvl 5 but with every lvl up the price doubles. To lvl 2 you need 200 coins, to lvl 3 you need 400, lvl 4 – 800 and lvl 5 – 1600.
    When you have full attack bar you can use Special Attack which is the attack Senshi uses in her Super form (Sailor Moon uses her first attack in S season not the one with the chalice). When you use Super Move, you need to click on the ribbon that appears until the bar is full – then the attack will continue for longer and remove all obstacles ahead.
    The black crystal gives you shield depending on your senshi’s powers (light shield for Sailor Moon and a bubble shield for Mercury. Mercury has stronger shield since her can take 5 attacks before breaking while Moon’s takes only 3), the Heart gives you HP back (not all), The winged star (Starlights’ brooch I think) makes you fly in the sky getting every obstacle out of the way and moving faster through the map collecting stars that come in your way but nothing more. You can’t go down until the effect stops. Rainbow ribbon gives you a path on the ground so you can’t fall. The Luna-P communicator sucks all the stars that you can see. The Space-Time Key, as it supposed to do, takes you to Pluto’s room (the between time one) with bonus stage where all you need is to collect as many stars as possible before returning to real time. The Pink Crystal turns all the obstacles (monsters and crystals) to stars you can collect. The chalice turns all yellow stars to pink stars (worth more I guess) and the rose makes all the monsters be stabbed by Tuxedo Kamen’s roses.

    • From what I’ve noticed yellow and red stars are nothing but score points. The “currency” deppends on how far you run (measured in meters – shown in the game as “m”). 1m = 1 “coin”
      I noticed this after collecting a whole bunch of stars, but falling down very early on….

      • The top stats are made up both 2 things: 1. how much you run (number of meters) and 2. the score itself, which depends only on the stars you collect. The yellow stars are worth 1 point (also 1 point is when you jump on the monsters and make them disappear from the screen) and the pink stars are worth 10 points, i think. Collecting stars, especially pink, helps fill up the star bar in the upper left corner of the screen (below the heart one). Only when the star bar is full you can do the super-attack with the middle button.

  6. So ive been playing this game recently.. Extremely hardcore, matter of fact. I’ve leveled up sailor moon, mercury and sailor mars. But I’m stumped on how to get the other characters. Would someone help, perhaps be my tuxedo mask bahaha. But really, help me!!

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