New dresses and lingerie items from Peach John

Sailor Chibi Moon lingerie

The first round of Sailor Moon pyjamas and lingerie were released in February. Now, as posted on the official Sailor Moon site, Peach John is expanding their line to include lingerie of all 10 Sailor Guardians as well as 7 dresses including some school uniforms. They now offer lingerie for rest of the Sailor Guardians, Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and of course the completely inappropriate Sailor Chibi Moon lingerie! The existing and new lingerie items have also been upgraded to include a skirt! They still include the original bra top, panties and choker on top of the new skirts. That’s right, you’ll need to upgrade your Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus lingerie sets. All sets cost 7,538 yen (about $70 US).

Sailor Moon lingerie and dresses

This round isn’t all about lingerie! Bandai is also offering some costume style dresses of some of the Sailor Guardians’ civilian school uniforms as well as dresses for Princess Serenity and Black Lady. Go to school dressed up as Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto or Minako. The school uniforms are 5,378 yen (about $50 US). If you’re really rich the Princess Serenity dress is 14,018 (about $130 US) though at a slightly more affordable 9,698 (about $90) you might be able to convince your father to buy you the Black Lady dress.

Rei's school uniform dress

Pre-orders from Premium Bandai begin September 19th.

Princess Serenity dress

Black Lady dress

Sailor Saturn lingerie

Usagi's school uniform dress

Ami's school uniform dress

Makoto's school uniform dress

Minako's school uniform dress

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5 thoughts on “New dresses and lingerie items from Peach John

  1. I really like the lingerie, but the rest of these look tacky and ill-fitting. The school uniforms especially… they’re a shirt and skirt combo, but have been made into a sack dress with an unflattering cut in the waist. No thanks.

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  3. Are they not accepting any more preorders on Bandai? I tried to add to the cart but it kept saying zero and I don’t believe Peach John ships to the USA. HELP!!! I really want this bra set.

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