Sailor Moon episodes 13 and 14 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon episode 13 - Jadeite illusion over the city

This morning, June 23rd, Sailor Moon episodes 13 and 14 were added to Hulu. These new episodes dubbed by Viz will be added at a rate of two per week, every Monday, until the series is completed. These episodes are subbed only, though dubbed episodes will be released later along with a DVD and Blu-Ray release.

Sailor Moon episode 13 - Jadeite frozen

In episode 13, Girls Unite: the End of Jadeite, the audience gets a big spoiler from the title! Jadeite appears as a massive illusion over the city challenging Sailor Moon to come fight him, and she and her friends do just that. The whole thing is a trap by Jadeite, but not a terribly good one as he is beaten and recalled by Queen Beryl. Having learned the identity of the Sailor Guardians, Jadeite is about to reveal it, but proving herself to be a terrible leader Queen Beryl dismisses this information and freezes him forever, leading people to continually speculate and write fan fiction about the possibility of him returning some day.

Sailor Moon episode 14 - Nephrite

In episode 14, A New Enemy Appears: Nephrite’s Evil Crest, we are introduced to the new villains Nephrite and Zoisyte. Naru’s friend Rui is excelling at tennis when she meets Masato Sanjoin, Nephrite’s civilian identity, who infects her racket making her obsessed with tennis. When Rui’s energy level peaks a monster springs from her racket and fights Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon episode 14 - Young Naru and Rui playing tennis

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5 thoughts on “Sailor Moon episodes 13 and 14 are now available on Hulu

    • Seriously. One of the first really strong instances of the anime adding storyline in. Nephrite’s arc was fantastic.

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