Many designs of Sailor Moon space shirts for sale until Thursday at Pop Up Tee

ChibiSpace shirt at Pop Up Tee

From now until 2pm EST on Thursday May 15th there are eight Sailor Moon shirts available at Pop Up Tee. Most of these feature one of the Sailor Guardians in front of a space background. The shirts are ChibiSpace, MarsSpace, MercurySpace, Sailor Mirror, Sailor Team, SailorSpace, VenusSpace and JupiterSpace.

MarsSpace shirt at Pop Up Tee

All shirts are designed by Ed Woody. Check out his Facebook Page for more of his work and his RedBubble store to see more Sailor Moon products.

MercurySpace shirt at Pop Up Tee

Keep reading to see the rest of the designs.


Sailor Team shirt at Pop Up Tee

SailorSpace shirt at Pop Up Tee

VenusSpace shirt at Pop Up Tee

JupiterSpace shirt at Pop Up Tee

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