Sailor Mars “Soldier of Flame and Passion” and “Sailor Pop” shirts for sale today at Arteesel

Sailor Mars - Soldier of Flame and Passion - Arteesel

Two great looking Sailor Moon shirts are for sale today only for $12 from Arteesel. The sale ends at the end of the day on March 31st. The first, a new shirt, is “Soldier of Flame and Passion” showing a silhouette of Sailor Mars. The other is “Sailor Pop“, showing Sailor Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Luna in a Pop Art style.

Sailor Pop Art shirt for sale today at Qwertee

The “Soldier of Flame and Passion” shirt is designed by sigma-astra who designed a Sailor Mercury version in this style, “Soldier of Water and Wisdom“, which previously sold on Arteesel. Check out her Facebook page, Redbubble store and Society6 store for more of her stuff. You can find all four shirts she’s done in this style at her RedBubble store.

The “Sailor Pop” shirt was previously printed at Qwertee as “Sailor Pop Art” and is designed by Edwoody. Check out his Facebook Page for more of his work. More of his Sailor Moon designs can be puchased at his Red Bubble Store.

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One thought on “Sailor Mars “Soldier of Flame and Passion” and “Sailor Pop” shirts for sale today at Arteesel

  1. on the second shirt sailor mars and sailor jupiter have sailor moon’s body and the wrong earrings………… the pitfalls of copy-paste.

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