The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Prism On Ice show has been postponed to 2023

Sailor Moon - Prism on Ice - Poster

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Prism On Ice event which was originally planned for the summer of 2020 and was more recently going to take place later this year has been delayed for a third time. It is now scheduled for June of 2023. Though it isn’t explained explicitly on the Sailor Moon Official Site it seems likely that this delay is once again due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has seen rising cases in Japan even over the last couple of weeks.

Evgenia Medvedeva returning to Japan

The event, featuring Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, was originally announced before the pandemic began. The star headed back to Japan early in 2020 to be ready for the event which was ultimately delayed due to the state of the pandemic in 2020, then again in 2021 and now once again in 2022. She is currently back in her home country of Russia. The ongoing Russian war and invasion of Ukraine may be causing complications with the event but there hasn’t been any specific indication of this.

As has been the case in the past those who already have tickets have the option to attend with the specific date when they can attend being dictated by the date on which they originally had tickets. Refunds are also available for those who are unable to attend at the new date and time.

Needless to say this sort of delay poses a particular challenge for any international fans who had made plans to attend. Hopefully this delay was announced early enough that no one is going be stuck with a plane ticket and hotel reservation planned around an ice show which isn’t currently scheduled!

Are you excited for this ice show? Let’s hope a home video release happens after this event is finally held.

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9 thoughts on “The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Prism On Ice show has been postponed to 2023

  1. Pandemic + war in Ukraine are, I think, the reasons. Unfortunately for them, a lot of Russian sportsmen/women have been denied access to international competitions lately.

    • Yeah, this one has a slim chance of happening without replacing the lead. The war has probably pushed this one past the viability stage.

      But the project also probably has heavy backing by Takeuchi, it may survive yet.

        • It’s unfortunate. She’s likely in an inviable position regardless of any decision or action she decides to take. I imagine this is a dream project for her.

          • Do you mean “enviable” or “unviable” when you say “inviable”? Because one of those words does not mean what you think it means.

    • Definitely a possibility. I don’t know about Japan’s specific policies on allowing Russian citizens to work in their country so I didn’t want to speculate about that in my post but I think this could certainly be a factor here. It’s not something anyone is discussing openly. They could be waiting a year in the hopes that the conflict is resolved or to recast the lead. That said COVID is a thing and it seems very plausible that this is the main reason for the delay.

      Evgenia Medvedeva has no personal stake in the conflict or any ability to influence state politics so she seems to just be a victim or the bad circumstances here. In doing a bit of research some were saying that she spoke out against the Russian government but I couldn’t find anything substantial about that so again I left that out of my post.

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