Watch the Sailor Moon: The Power of Female Friendship panel today at Comic-Con@Home

Comic-Con @ Home

This afternoon, July 25th 2020, at 3pm Pacific Time (6pm Eastern Time) fans will be able to watch a virtual Sailor Moon Panel, Sailor Moon: The Power of Female Friendship, live on YouTube. This is part of San-Diego Comic-Con’s virtual convention which is being held this year instead of a live convention which would be impossible due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The panel will be hosted by comic book historian Jessica Tseang and includes voice actors from Viz’s new dub of Sailor Moon including Michelle Ruff, the voice of Luna, Kate Higgins, the voice of Sailor Mercury, Amanda Celine Miller, the voice of Sailor Jupiter, as well as comic book writer Sam Maggs, and comedian Chris Bryant.

To view the panel head over the Comic-Con site or watch it directly on YouTube (the video will likely be unavailable until shortly before the event starts). It seems like other panels remain available after the original live broadcast so fans who aren’t able to watch the panel live or are seeing this post too late should still be okay to watch it.

Will you be checking out the panel? For those reading this in the future, did you watch the panel and what did you think?

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15 thoughts on “Watch the Sailor Moon: The Power of Female Friendship panel today at Comic-Con@Home

    • It’s still viewable. I skimmed through it. There didn’t seem to be any news or anything new. It was just people talking about Usagi’s friendship with the girls, making some remarks about the old dub (some got why the censorship was necessary at the time, others did not.)
      They chatted about how they viewed certain things.
      Fun for fans of the voice actors/dubs, but nothing of interest as far as I saw, pertaining to Sailor Moon news regarding the new movies.

      • I see. The only good thing about this Covid19 might them releasing the films digitally overseas soon after the theatrical release. I just cannot wait another 6 months for blu ray release. It has been Eternal waiting indeed.

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