A miniature version of Sailor Moon’s Tokyo and Crystal Tokyo will be displayed at Small Worlds Tokyo next Spring

Sailor Moon at Small Worlds Tokyo

Big news about something very small! Have you ever wanted to see a real life version of the world of Sailor Moon? Fans in Tokyo will have a chance in Spring 2020 as Sailor Moon comes to the Small Worlds Tokyo miniature theme park. What is this about? Small Worlds Tokyo will feature miniaturized versions of various places. How small? A 1/80th scale meaning one inch of the exhibit will represent some 80 inches or 6′ 8″ of the real world. Sailor Moon and her friends would be less than an inch height!

For reference this would be slightly smaller than the 1/60th scale used by Dungeons and Dragons miniatures and many Gundam models as well as the 1/64th scale which is your standard Hot Wheels and Matchbox car size. So imagine a recreated city in which the cars are a bit smaller than Hot Wheels!

The 30th Century Crystal Tokyo

The announcement on the official Sailor Moon site specifies that the exhibit will include a recreation of Tokyo from the Sailor Moon series as well as 30th century Crystal Tokyo, the future which Chibiusa comes from which is featured heavily in the Black Moon arc of the manga which is Sailor Moon R in the original Sailor Moon anime. A preview image shows the front of Game Center Crown and a tiny Tuxedo Mask. Though only “Crown” is seen on the building the arcade machines inside suggest this is the arcade and not Fruits Parlor Crown or Karaoke Crown.

Game Center Crown from the Sailor Moon manga

It’s difficult to tell without seeing more of the exhibit just how accurate this will be. The show’s location was heavily based on the real Azuba Juban district of Tokyo, though only certain places were featured in the series. Crown, like many other locations in the series, was a real place in Tokyo. Comparison photos from Serenitatis show us that both the real and manga version look quite a bit like this model. Will the exhibit feature only those highlights or fill in the 1990s real locations which weren’t shown in the series as well? We will see in the Spring when Small Worlds Tokyo opens to the public! I look forward to seeing more!

Kotono Mitsuishi at Game Center Crown

Are any of you hoping to be able to check this out in person? Doesn’t anyone have a “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” style shrink ray I can borrow?

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21 thoughts on “A miniature version of Sailor Moon’s Tokyo and Crystal Tokyo will be displayed at Small Worlds Tokyo next Spring

  1. So, here’s a fun fact: “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” was originally going to be titled “Teeny Weenies.” What a dreadful name! Here’s another fun fact: That movie has taught me that an ant–an ANT–can take on a scorpion. … How big is that ant/how tiny is that scorpion? Ah, memories.

    This is awesome!! Plot twist: There will be actual inhabitants in both Tokyo models, just like in that episode from “The Twilight Zone.” Assuming the exhibit will be as awesome as I’m picturing in my lofty head, then I really hope there will be many, many photos!

      • I didn’t know that “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” was originally going to be titled “Teeny Weenies”! In France, the title is “Chérie, j’ai rétréci les gosses”, which is the literal translation of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. Also, I just read on Wikipedia that the title, in Québec, is “Chérie, j’ai réduit les enfants”, another literal —though a lil’ bit more more polite—translation…

        Right now, I can imagine Professor Tomoe shrinking the Sailor Scouts to take over the world… “Hey Hotaru, you know what? I shrunk your friends! Mwahaha! And my lab is full of barn funnel weavers. It’s gonna be a lotta fun to watch, no?”

        Jokes aside, I wish, like you, Joe, that we will get to see pictures of this event! This tiny recreation of Sailor Moon’s world is a marvelous and cute idea!

        • I saw this movie dubbed in French on TV once. I watched because I wondered what they would do with the joke about “French class”. The guy kisses the girl when doing CPR and someone asks where he learned it. It’s a joke about “French kissing” (with tongue). Anyway the French version said “Les cours de langue” which actually works quite well with the original joke and second meaning! I was impressed. This was almost certainly the Quebec dub as it would have been on a local Quebec TV station.

          • Haha yes, for sure, “les cours de langue” is always an efficient and naughty double entendre!

            Fun fact: yesterday, after posting my first comment, I talked to my husband about the title of the movie in Québec, and I told him: “The Québécois are way too polite, because they translated ‘kids’ as ‘enfants’ (i.e. ‘children’), but ‘kids’ being an informal way to mean ‘children’, ‘gosses’ is of course the good equivalent in French.”
            To which my husband responded: “You seem to forget that unlike France, ‘gosses’, in Québec, doesn’t mean ‘kids’, but ‘testicles’.”

            That’s why I would love to see the reaction of a Québécois hearing about the movie “Chérie, j’ai rétréci les gosses” XD .

          • For sure. I have an old Yu Yu Hakusho manga in which he refers to a kid as a “gosse” and I laughed at that so much! The regional difference explains it but here in Quebec no one says “gosse” for anything but “balls”. They would just say “enfants” in most cases.

            We also had a cat called “Gus” which is pronounced the same and that I found occasionally funny as an adolescent!

          • “They would just say “enfants” in most cases.”

            In France (and also maybe in Belgium, Swiss and Luxemburg, I don’t know), we often use some other colloquial terms for the children: gamin/gamine, môme (hence Edith Piaf’s nickname La Môme), mioche, and—but those ones are rarely used and/or really gross—mouflet, moutard, chiard (this one being the grossest of them all). Do you have them too in Québec?

            Anyway, I guess you people have fun everytime you hear or read a French person talking about the children as “gosses” :D .

          • Gamin is really the only one I’ve heard used. At daycare my daughter refers to all the other kids as “les amis” so when she sees another child she says “c’est un ami” but she’s two so.

            Yes “gosses” is funny but we don’t often hear people say it casually. I would find it only in texts from france.

          • Thank you! Must be cute to hear a two year-old child refering to the other kids as “les amis” ^^ .

          • Yes and I sometimes try to use other words so she understands that’s not what the word means. It’s normal for children to refer to all classmates and friends and it’s nice for them to get along. Eventually a child needs to learn that not everyone is or needs to be their friend, as sad as that may seem. It’s okay to be closer to some kids than others. In daycare it’s way to early to think about introducing that concept!

    • Don’t mind me. I’m still looking up images of barn funnel weavers. Ever since I got my arachnophobia (largely) desensitized, I’ve become more fascinated with arthropods.

      • Learning about spiders and, more largely, arachnids, help me a lot to understand them, though it is not enough to cure my arachnophobia. On the other hand, how not be afraid and uncomfortable when in your tiny bedroom at night, you hear a big spider crawling on the ceiling?

        • I’m afraid this message might end up being long, mostly because I’m very invested in this topic! I feel for you about arachnophobia. Starting at a very young age, I was absolutely terrified by spiders. This continued into my adulthood. If I saw a spider, I would instantly crush it, no matter how big or small. I couldn’t watch a spider scene in the movie without either shielding my eyes or flinching hard at an unexpected sensation on my body. The final straw for me was when, a few years ago, I locked myself in a bathroom for an unreasonable amount of time because there was a spider on the corridor’s wall. I decided then and there that I wanted to get help.

          I’ve worked with desensitization, which, to make a long story short, had me gradually be exposed to spiders, to the point where I could actually catch a big one with just a single, flimsy sheet of paper and a glass, to release it outside and not kill it. Not to mention, seeing a spider freak out made me empathize with the little bastard, which shocked me–I actually felt for it. It must’ve been way more afraid of me than I was of it.

          Though I would say my biggest surprise was when I, at a convention, encountered the biggest kind of spider in the world (by mass, not by leg-span). The goliath birdeater! CAUTION, the following image is the real deal: I actually peered down onto one of those tarantulas.

          There is no shame in having arachnophobia, and I empathize completely with people who fear arachnids. I, personally, wanted to do something about mine because it interfered with my life, but everybody’s gotta have at least one intense fear! Also, I still panic if a spider suddenly appeared on me or very, very close to my face. But if I see one from a distance, I can act accordingly and catch and release. I try not to kill now. Though I get tempted to kill the black widows we have around here, I admit. Those spiders are different.

          • Congratulations for lowering down your arachnophobia, Joe! You’ve come a long way and your experience is as amazing than it is inspiring.
            Reading you, I realized that my disgust and fear of spiders are not that intense, when compared to what yours were before you got a large part of your arachnophobia desensitized. Finally, I think that we both are now at the same “level” of arachnophobia. And we can only get better!

            I think that if spiders were not that repulsive in terms of appearance, arachnophobia would not exist.

          • Ohhh, I see! Yeah, I had to get help because spiders were freaking me out on a deeply psychological level. But if we’re talking about spiders simply being ugly, repulsive, alien-looking freaks, then yep. I definitely agree with you!

  2. Cute and all Toei/Kodansha, but all we need is a trailer… Stop the milking or at least back it up. Hated or not Crystal is the only thing that keeps ot going on. Use it properly.

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