Check out Rika Izumi, live action Sailor Mercury, as Nami from One Piece

Rika Izumi as Nami from One Piece

Anime fans who’ve kept up with new stuff since the turn of the millennium will be happy to see Rika Izumi, who played Ami Mizuno in the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series, as Nami from One Piece in a commercial for Indeed. Rika Izumi, who went by the name Hama Chisaki back when the live action series was airing, appears in the commercial as the scantily clad Nami. I can’t say I know much about One Piece but it would seem Nami is one of the main characters from the very fact that she’s in this commercial. You can view the entire thing embedded below.

Rika Izumi as Nami from One Piece

Indeed is a job searching web site. They claim that they are the #1 job search site in the world though this is the first I hear of them. In fairness I’m not looking for work and as you may be able to tell I’ve never even watched One Piece. I don’t exactly have my finger on the pulse of anything beyond the 90s.

Live Action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 3 - Ami doesn't want to have lunch with Usagi

Source: via Crunchyroll

Live Action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 21 - Dark Mercury

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21 thoughts on “Check out Rika Izumi, live action Sailor Mercury, as Nami from One Piece

  1. My husband is a fan of One Piece, I don’t know what will be his reaction when I show him this commercial. If only the French version of Indeed could do the same but with Sailor Moon, it would enlighten my job search :) .

  2. How could you not have heard of indeed? It’s hell game developers and people find their jobs and even in the anime industry not knowing about indeed it’s like not knowing that Starbucks exists. For a Japanese commercial I think this is pure genius even if were not familiar with the anime anime is anime LOL and one pieces very first season had the most rememberable theme song in fact the top 100 for openings look up “we are“ “one piece op” to be honest I know very little in that anime but I still appreciate it because it’s Spohn the wave of North American Anime

    • Jeremy, there’s no need to be so peremptory.

      I’ve been unemployed for almost 2 years now and I only heard of Indeed when I began my job search (ironically, Indeed has become my favourite job searching web site). We live in a world full of information of any kind (and damn useless, most of the time), so not knowing Indeed is not abnormal at all, especially if you are already employed and don’t need to look for work.

    • I’ve never heard of it either. But I haven’t been job searching, either.
      But obviously it’s not as big a name as StarBucks (which I don’t even drink)

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