The plot of Sailor Stars

This meme describes all of the 5th season of Sailor Moon, Sailor Stars.

Mamoru is upset as Usagi checks out Seiya

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11 thoughts on “The plot of Sailor Stars

    • Is it brilliant. It makes no sense if you actually seen Stars. Usagi was oblivious to Seiyas affections. She was constantly thinking about Mamaru.

      • I have to agree. It may be a funny picture but Usagi stayed true to Mamoru. If anyone was a cheater it was Seiya since she/he had feelings for both Usagi and Princess Kakyu. There were times Seiya was an okay character, but for the most part I didn’t like her. Pretty much Haruka version 2 without the appeal.

  1. Also kind of hard for Mamoru to be jealous considering he spent that year dead for tax purposes…er…for plot purposes.

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