It has been a year since the last new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 38 - Usagi and Chibiusa see Pegasus

Today is June 28th 2017. The last episode of Sailor Moon Crystal which we saw was Act 38, Infinity 12 – Infinite Journey, on June 27th 2016. Surely we expected to have new episodes by now! Many fans are losing hope that we may ever see the Dream Arc of Sailor Moon Crystal but not all hope is lost. Later this week, on June 30th to celebrate Usagi’s birthday, there will be a live event in Japan. We don’t know what this live event will involve but it is possible that, after a long Sailor Moon Crystalless year, we might be getting some information about the upcoming season!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 38 - Viewing the eclipse

The last official thing we heard about the 4th season of Sailor Moon Crystal was back in January of this year when the Official Sailor Moon Site was updated to reflect the 25th Anniversary. This update included a mention that production would continue. No further details were mentioned and 5 months have since passed. Does the light of hope for Sailor Moon Crystal’s continuation still exist in your heart?

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 199 - The Light of Hope

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62 thoughts on “It has been a year since the last new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal

  1. I thought it was confirmed we were getting news on that Birthday talk… Was that just a speculation. I can’t take it anymore, Are we gonna wait for it forever…

  2. Just two more days until we are told to please wait for more information. -_-
    Or just left totally in the dark with more musical talk.

    But the Light of Hope still shines in me and I still believe we’ll hear something…maybe even a date and some screenshots. I’m getting my hopes up…don’t smash em, Toei.

  3. Also, who else hopes there will be a new opening song for season 4? That part excites me so much…hope they reveal that too.

  4. Dang, Adam! It’s been that long already, man… I’m gonna rhyme for no reason.

    Sailor Moon Crystal might be absent for now
    But the legend still runs deep.
    The anime lives, we must believe,
    It’s just nestled and asleep.

    I, too, imagine that the show goes on
    As sure as foam covers the tide.
    I imagine Sailor Moon, so fair,
    With Tuxedo Mask right by her side!

    “I’m the sailor-suited guardian of love and hope
    And our hearts beat strong and true!
    In the name of the moon, Mamo-chan and me
    Will punish the crap outta you!”

    [I got nothing. This is perhaps the most filler-istic filler I ever filled here. But I also ache for an announcement.]

  5. It is already confirmed that there will be info about the sequel on that event, isn’t it? The promo article about Birthday event released few weeks ago event had a very brief, but official statement about news on Crystal

  6. At this point I do not think so, but I hope that if they have taken so long, come with the re-drawing of the first 14 chapters. And yes, a year and 2 days from the end of the best crystal season and just before my birthday, but .. what are you going to do? T T

  7. I wish for a new Opening by Shoko Nakagawa, as she is a singer that loves the series and has been associated with the series for ages and a new character designer. Unfortunately we might be getting a new director. Fingers cross for more episodes, possibly combining the final two arcs and at least a teaser image – a logo, something small. Just anything will make me happy.

  8. So no official art, not a single image… Just official confirmation of season 4 with the same director as for season 3, further details revealed “later”…. I want disappointed

  9. Isn’t Usagi’s birthday on June 30th? Today is June 30th. In Japan, I know for a fact it’s already night time. What ended up happening at the event?

  10. I don’t know how to feel… Two movies, how could they actually make it work for a movie format without changng the strory for Dream, which deserves proper adaptation the most. I can’t imagine it work like that – this is insane and so bizzare. Are they going to transform six time in one movie???? How could they pull it off, I am very concerned now…

    • Theoretically, 1 episode of Crystal without opening, ending, unnecessary transformations and introducing speeches is roughly 20 minutes, considering that there are 11 Dream Arc manga chapters, it is 220 minutes, divided into 2 movies = 110 minutes for one movie and that is, I think, easily capable…

      On the other hand, I can’t imagine that they just turn the Manga chapters into two movies without major changes to the plot… It all sounds insane to me too

    • Yo, now that i thing about it,im a lil hyped about this.Just think about it,a lot off manga series were turned into anime movies and it has worked pretty well,all they need to do is to do it right,cuz yes there is a high possibility that they will fuck it up but if a miracle happens and they do it right that this could turn out to be pretty awasome.

  11. And this is catastrophy mainly for international fans because they will have to wait even longer to see that movies, I doubt they will be released internationally at the same time

    • it sounds as if they have just decided it, which means they will take their sweet time for ages… Are they insane – Sailor Moon has been more popular overseas, how could they cut us off like that??? They would never release it in my poor country so I am bound to wait for years for a blu ray release…

  12. This is disturbing…but maybe if the quality is high enough we’ll see something amazing. Then they can always split it up into episodes like they did for Dragon Ball Battle of the Gods.

    My fear is that they will greatly alter the plot to the point of it NOT being at all faithful and it flopping in theaters, causing part 2 to never get released…much less Stars.

    • I bet they will, how could make a manga structured like that to be a movie, without butchering the crap out of it… And for the season that actually needs it. If they introduced this format from the begning it would have been ok, but now… The arc most deserving an adaptation to the t will get a shortened altered version…

      • I agree, this was probably my favorite manga arc and least favorite anime arc, so it deserves proper treatment.
        Maybe they can manage to adapt it faithfully and make it work for a film, but this is Toei and I don’t put much faith in them.

        With the right writers and directors, I believe it could work.
        Once you take out the openings and endings that’s like 40 minutes cut.
        Take out the gratuitous transformations and you have like another 20-30 minutes cut. (Though the transformations are often my favorite part and I want to see each girl transform at least once!)
        Removing the bumpers might get us another few minutes cut and then when you consider there will be no title cards or “next episode” clips, they can cut even more.
        Remove some of the panning and empty scenes that just focus on someone’s face for like a minute and we get even more.
        The main fear I have of things getting cut is that this is the arc that actually lets the girls develop some personality, and I can see that getting left out if anything.

        • Each chapter is structured to have it’s own climax. They won’t be able to abruptly cut a story for a movie to show us the family of Hotaru and her moms , to make each girl meet their inner self etc. And they will take years to release a terrible movie…

    • i really wish it is just a big misunderstanding and they were refering to the first arc slit in two screened on the cinema.

  13. It looks to me like Toei is really struggling now to generate interest in this series, from anyone not clouded by bias or nostalgia.

    First a twenty-six biweekly run. Then a weekly, cheaper, shorter season with a drastically different artstyle closer to the 90’s anime then Naoko’s designs. And now a theatrical duology.
    It honestly wouldn’t surprise me, if by some miracle they make it to Stars, they’ll just opt for a slideshow consisting of panels traced directly from the manga.

    But I can’t say I’m too upset. So far Crystal has been one disappointment after the next. Thin characterisation. Mediocre to poor animation. Slapdash storylines. And failing to correct even the most glaring errors that were present in the source material. Oh yes, and not forgetting the constant jobbing and irrelevance of the Inner Senshi.

    Indeed, every chum (who have never seen Sailor Moon) I’ve shown it too, have been left scratching their heads as to how a franchise like this ever became popular. And I can totally understand where they are coming from.
    Really, they should just release the musicals overseas instead, because that’s clearly where all the skill and love went.

    I expect people will give me a hard time for saying that. But unlike most, I’ve judged Crystal purely on its own terms. And it really cannot stand on its own.

    • I think, the better for this it´s re-drawing of first 26 episodes, with a fusion of season 3 style and best details of before animation + make 2 more with material of 90´s anime for arc 1 and make a movie for first episodes of season R + arc 4 in 13 episodes + make a new movie before begining of the last season, with fusion of movies R+ the snow queen, and last season of 15 episodes.

      I think thats put a smile in the face of all fans of Sailor Moon

    • I agree.

      To be quite honest, the source material has some massive plot holes, not to mention it likewise suffers from being extremely repetitive arc after arc (1:1 senshi to big bad, Usagi is too weak to face off against them, it means she needs to be upgraded.). What made Sailor Moon popular in the 90s was the Power Rangers style monster of the day and epic amounts of filler.

      Honestly, they should have opted to update the stories and modify them to reflect a darker and more personalized interpretation of the story given that they had access to the completed product.

      I would have liked to have seen more of Usagi grappling with prospect of becoming Empress of the Earth (How does that happen? Does Usagi force herself upon the inhabitants of the Earth? Why don’t we see Usagi’s family in Crystal Tokyo?) and a better developed and more mature relationship between them all. Things that would have worked in the 90s don’t work today, at least amongst a more mature targer audience which grew up with the show.

      I agree that seasons 1 and 2 had the best animation designs, But animation quality was in the pits. I didn’t care for the anination of season 3 with the exception of the Outer Sensei, Saturn in particular, the designs of the latter fit in seamlessly with the seasons 1 and 2 designs.

      In so far as the movie is concerned,I’m not the biggest fan of the Dreams or Stars arcs, so I could do without them. However, given how repetitive the Planet Power upgrades are in each chapter of the Dreams arc, it makes sense to collapse them all into a film. It likewise would insure that the animation quality remains consistent and they’d be able to invest the necessary resources into it. So there’s that. It also allows them to go in a much darker direction.

      In so far as merchandise, there were two competing strains, 90s reissues and Crystal specific merchandise. I see the season 3 designs as a means to bridge the gap between both. At least for the Inners. The question however is what Crystal was intended to be, a new interpretation of Sailor Moon, or an homage to the manga and 90s anime meant to boost sales for both.

  14. Isn’t it possible for this to really be the end of Sailor Moon Crystal? Pardon my pessimism, but I’m really worried. I can’t help to think about movies that were suppose to be made, and were just scraped without any word. It’s been a year, and today being Usagi’s birthday we were presented with no images or anything. Just more confusion, and that more details will be released later. Clearly Toei doesn’t care about Sailor Moon, and doesn’t find it viable to grow the show with audiences.

  15. I don’t get why it’s so difficult for them to just make Crystal! There’s a built in audience, and they sell enough merchandise to fund the show, if they’d just make a proper anime people would watch. While the math of airtime that the dream arc would get anyway could technically fit into two 2-hour films, it’s likely they’d still be cutting stuff, and we’ll be waiting years to watch these in english, and if stars ever happens, it’ll probably be like 2025.


    Just announced: the Dead Moon Arc will be adapted for SMC! But it won’t be a 13 episode season! It’ll be a two-part movie! Yes, that’s right, a two-part movie! Can you say, HOLY SHIT! WTF? NO FUCKING WAY!!!

    And now we must wait in anticipation for these movies and hope they come out side-by-side.

  17. This literally doesn’t make any sense at all. This is a bad idea all around from a marketing stand point, etc. Like, you’ve committed to doing one episode per act up to now, why would you change that now? Like there are literally only two seasons left. Like just bite the bullet and do it like you already did. I’m sure the revenue from the merchandise is more than enough to cover the funds to make the show. Just two the last two seasons the same and be done. A movie makes no sense whatsoever and would be a horrible way to adapt an entire season. They would have to cut a good amount out to make it work in that format and they would lose a lot of money by not releasing all of their DVD collections, overseas discs, etc. Sounds like they have a bunch of idiots working there.

    • Toei just want it flop so bad that they would have a reason to drop it, because they can’t stand anything outshining DUMB CURE

      • Yuck, I haven’t watched Pre-Cure much, but what I’ve seen looks like a random mess of cheesiness with no depth.

        • Yes but all the porfit it generates is theirs, while with Sailor Moon they receive a small share, so they don’t care as much of it success.

  18. Found out something you all aren’t going to like one bit. More Crystal was announced but it’s apparently going to be a 2 part film series. This means things from the manga will be cut out to make the arc the length of 2 movies. That’s a huge mistake on Toei’s part. They should of just kept it as a series instead of making films.

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