Today is International Sailor Moon Day. Is your city doing anything to celebrate?

Chihuahuas in Sailor Moon costumes - Sailor Chibi Moon

Today, August 15th 2015, is International Sailor Moon Day. This event is not confined to any single city as many cities around the world are celebrating small Sailor Moon gatherings in their own cities. Check out the Sailor Moon Day web site or Facebook page to see if your city has anything planned. Put your best costume on and head out to have some fun with other fans.

Chihuahua dressed as Sailor Moon

Here’s a list of cities involved from the official Sailor Moon Day site.

United States of America:
Austin, TX @ The Highball
Boardman, OH @ Boardman Township Park
Bossier City, LA @ 2nd & Charles
Boston, MA @ Boston Common Dome
Chicago, IL @ Geek Bar Beta
Columbus, OH @ Matsuricon
Houston, TX @ Crowne Plaza Northwest-Brookhollow
Huntsville, AL @ Bridge Street Town Center
Kalamazoo, MI @ Chocolatea
Kansas City, MO @ Nelson Atkins Sculpture Garden
Los Angeles, CA @ Weller Court, Little Tokyo
Minneapolis, MN @ Level Up Games
Mobile, AL @ Gamers N’ Geeks
Nashville‬, TN @ Red Caboose Park
New York City, NY @ Grace & St Paul’s Church
NYC – After Party! 21+
Orlando, FL @ Anime Festival Orlando
Philadelphia, PA @ Rittenhouse Park
Phoenix, AZ @ Barnes & Nobles Cafe
Pittsburgh, PA @ Victory Pointe Arcade
Portland, OR @ Taborspace
Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Blank Slate
San Antonio, TX @ Ooples Anime
San Francisco, CA @ Golden Gate Park
Seattle, WA @ Loyal Heights Community Center
Syracuse, NY @ Manlius Library
Tallahassee, FL @ Japanica Steakhouse & Sushi
Washington, DC @ National Mall

Ross Island

Buenos Aires @ Centro Cultural Adan Buenosayres
Córdoba @ Paseo Sobremonte
Salta @ Pro Cultura

Australia: ‎
Adelaide @ Adelaide Botanic Garden
Hobart @ St. David’s Park
Melbourne @ Fitzroy Gardens
After Party!
Perth, Australia @Lottery West Childrens Playground Kings Park

São Paulo @ Água Branca Park

Edmonton, Alberta @ Happy Harbor Comics
Ottawa, Ontario @ Dow’s Lake Peninsula
Toronto, Ontario @
Picnic @ Toronto Islands’ Olympic Islands
Ontario Science Centre *ISMD Follow up on Sept 26th
Vancouver, British Columbia @ Anime Revolution Convention
Winnipeg, Manitoba @ The Forks Market

Santiago @ Facultad de Educación Universidad Central

Bogotá @ Orenji Maid Cafe

Guadalajara @ FrikiPlaza
Mexico City @ Plaza Pikashop

Lima @ Centro Comercial Arenales

Almeria @ Eltallerde Mazuni‬
Barcelona @ Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona
Vigo, Galicia @ CVC de Valladares

United Kingdom:
London @ St.James Park

I’ll be traveling today and since there isn’t a Trois Rivières Sailor Moon Day event I won’t be able to join in but I hope everyone has a great time in their own city!

Photo credit: mayama_ya

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8 thoughts on “Today is International Sailor Moon Day. Is your city doing anything to celebrate?

  1. I wish I knew this was a thing! I would’ve celebrated years ago! As it is I’m in another country where apparently nothing’s happening, and even if there was it’s 5:30 in the afternoon, so I’ll probably start work on dinner soon. Otherwise, I’d go to the thing happening in my hometown, if I felt like I could make the trip and I could afford it.

  2. International Sailor Moon Day? On my birthday!? My favorite things to celebrate are Sailor Moon and my birthday. Surely this is fate :D

  3. sadly there’s nothing going on in my country… and I’m not at home either to celebrate…
    At least for this special occasion I started re-reading Sailor Moon manga :D

  4. This stuff is great, I didn’t even know yesterday was the International Sailor Moon Day ! But there was nothing in France, nothing in Paris where I live (and I think I would have learned about it if something had been planned)… I’m not even suprised, this is France and here, Sailor Moon remains but a well-known show for the kids that was aired in the 90’s. Even the SM fandom in France seems quite underground… I wish so hard I had been in London yesterday ^^ .

    Zéro pointé pour la France !!!

    • Yeah, that’s weird since Ross Island has no inhabitants, from what I’ve read on the French Wikipedia…

      But I’ve just found this :

      “Since both New Zealand and the US have their principal Antarctic stations on Ross Island, in summer it becomes a hub of activity, with science groups passing through on their way to field camps all over this side of the continent, and to the South Pole. It’s also the location of three famous historic huts, Mt Erebus and several penguin rookeries.” =>

      So this might explain why there is an ISMD on Ross Island, Antarctica XD .

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