Sailor Moon R Complete Second Season will be released on Blu-ray February 28th

Sailor Moon R Complete Season Blu-Ray - Cover

A full eight months after the first season of the original Sailor Moon anime was released on Blu-ray we are finally getting Sailor Moon R released as well! This single release containing the entire second season of Sailor Moon is coming February 28th 2023 with an MSRP of $49.99. Like with the season 1 release this is likely a new and improved version of the Blu-ray with better video quality than what was released in 2015. This release will have the original Japanese audio, Viz’s new English dub and optional subtitles. I was very happy with the first season release and look forward to getting this!

Sailor Moon R Complete Season Blu-Ray - Contents

The set is currently available to pre-order from RightStuf for $44.99. It’s also listed on Amazon however no price is currently indicated and there is no option to purchase the set yet.

Sailor Moon Laserdisc vol. 4

Does the box art look familiar? It should! This art was originally used for a Laserdisc cover for the first season release of the original Sailor Moon anime. This image of Sailor Moon appeared on volume 4. This was reused for the first VHS and DVD cover of the dub only release by ADV, the first DVD cover of the original Japanese DVD release and the inside cover of the first Japanese Blu-ray. It’s also similar to a pose that Sailor Moon makes in the intro to the Sailor Moon R Movie. Seeing it used as a Sailor Moon R cover is a bit odd but it does seem that they updated Sailor Moon’s broach to the season appropriate Crystal Star.

Sailor Moon Japanese Blu-Ray Vol. 1 - Comparison between dub only DVD, Japanese DVD and new Blu-Ray

By looking at the back of the box we don’t get much of an indication of anything new. As with the first season it seems likely we will get the same features as were included in the 2015 DVD and Blu-ray release. Since the first season set had a new interview included it is possible that some new content is in this set, but we don’t see it listed at this time.

Sailor Moon R Complete Season Blu-Ray - Back

Will you be picking up this set? Is it worth double dipping for you? I bought the first season again and am very happy with the set!

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8 thoughts on “Sailor Moon R Complete Second Season will be released on Blu-ray February 28th

  1. I definitely will! I never picked up the first releases cuz I wasn’t into the seasons getting broken up into parts, not to mention the prices.

  2. I don’t plan to get these complete season sets since I shelled out for the half-releases a few years back, but it’s good to know that these exist. I’ll admit I’m *mildly* bitter that these recent releases may all have better video quality, but c’est la vie.

  3. I have Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on Blu-ray/DVD combos with each Season in two parts and from VIZ Media. The video quality is amazing. I don’t think that I will purchase Sailor Moon First Season and Sailor Moon R Whole season sets on Blu-ray just because the video quality might be better now than it was in 2014!

  4. Blatant money grab but diehard collectors don’t care. The same people will be buying S thru Stars re-re-re-released on BR because Viz and WB know that fools and their money are easily parted.

    At the very least, it’s an interesting litmus test to see how many people still care about an aging IP on a dying format.

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