See footage of the Universal Studios Japan Sailor Moon 4-D ride in this new commercial

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D Universal Studios Japan ride - Sailor Moon

A commercial has been released for the Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D ride which is coming to Universal Studios Japan. From this commercial we can get a better idea of what the ride will look like! The CG models we saw in an earlier press image do appear to be the designs we will be seeing in this show, meaning it won’t be done in the traditional animation style of either the original Sailor Moon anime or Sailor Moon Crystal. Watch the short commercial below.

Since the footage shows an actual theatre and audience reactions this won’t be exactly what the ride will look like, but it seems likely that the characters and designs shown are what we will see. There needs to be audience interaction because otherwise we wouldn’t have any way to realize it’s actually in 3D. Remember those ads for Avatar that showed the Navi sticking their hand out and trying to grab audience members? Me neither.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D Universal Studios Japan ride - Morga

Sailor Moon Crystal Act.1 Usagi - Sailor Moon - Morga

Featured in the clip is a monster which looks a lot like Morga, the monster from the first Sailor Moon manga story and the first episode of the original Sailor Moon anime as well as Sailor Moon Crystal. In those versions Morga poses as Naru’s mother though it isn’t clear if that will be the case here.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D Universal Studios Japan ride - A rose appears

The final moment of the trailer shows a rose appearing. This is Tuxedo Mask’s trademark however the rose is something which first appeared in the original Sailor Moon anime as it did not originate in the manga and didn’t appear in Sailor Moon Crystal.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D Universal Studios Japan ride - Sailor Moon in a theatre

What do you think of these designs? The CG sure does look dated. With almost all western animation being done in CG these days this short ride doesn’t look to be up to par even with the lower budget shows that use this kind of technology. That said the simple designs do look more like the 90s anime brought to life even though they don’t resemble actual humans. This may have been an intentional style choice rather than an economic constraint. Perhaps it’s a bit of both.

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16 thoughts on “See footage of the Universal Studios Japan Sailor Moon 4-D ride in this new commercial

  1. It’s not surprising Toei won’t actually put money into it. When is the last time they actually put effort into Sailor Moon?
    It would make my day to hear some competent company bought it…or if it at least a real anime studio was allowed to create a series.
    Look at Card Captor Clear, it’s gorgeous. Less famous than Sailor Moon and still gets way more attention and love from it’s owners!

    • “It’s not surprising Toei won’t actually put money into it.”

      I agree with your statement. Alas, a few times ago, I read that the huge merchandising around the toys and goodies developed by Toei since the renewal of the series in 2014 had no other goal than injecting money into Crystal (if was on a French site, if I recall, but I don’t really remember where). When I think of all the toys I’ve bought since 2014, of all the money I’ve spent into these fragile figure-shaped plastic stuff, and when I see how neglected Crystal has been until now, it makes me angry, and I think I’m not the only one! Because, how many people from all over the world have bought toys and goodies too? I’m sure Toei is rich by now. Toys and goodies must always be an addition to an anime, not the contrary.

      As for Clear Card Hen, I’m disappointed at the moment. Yes, the new series have some really gorgeous designs, but, according to me, some characters have lost charisma (I think of Yue or Toya, for instance: their faces are too round, and because of that, yes, I think they’ve been deprived of their former charisma), and, until now (ep. 8), I find the writing simple and lazy, even if the ep. 8 is full of promise for the future.

        • I’ve only seen the first two episodes, and I agree the writing felt lazy. I didn’t pay much attention to the rounder faces, though it might be true.
          The animation however is way better than Crystal has 90% of the time.

          I’m hoping it picks up after episode 8.
          I love Card Captor, but it will never top Sailor Moon for exciting battles. :)

          • I agree with you about the animation. It is really gorgeous and gracious. But the level of the writing is not equal, alas, as the level of the animation. It reminds me of Crystal lazy writing (the episode 5, especially, was terrible. Sakura captured a card, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the card named The Plot). At least for now. I’m sure it’s gonna get better from now on. I bet it!

          • “as the level of the animation” =”to”. Ah, mistakes, mistakes everywhere…

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