Mirai is Sailor Saturn in the next Sailor Moon musical

Mirai as Chiriko in the Fushigi Yuugi stage play

The actress playing Sailor Saturn, Hotaru Tomoe, in the fall 2017 Sailor Moon Musical has been announced! The recent article on the Sailor Moon official site mentioned that Sailor Saturn would be played by the actress Mirai, a 14 year old actress who played Chiriko in the 2015 Fushigi Yuugi stage play.

Mirai with Volcanion and Pikachu

Sailor Moon/Pokémon Crossover CONFIRMED!!!

Although I reported on this same article a couple of days ago when I mentioned that Karin Takahashi would not be returning as Sailor Saturn in the next musical, I mistakenly did not understand that Mirai was being announced as the new actress because her name means “future” in Japanese. I don’t speak or read Japanese! When I plugged the article into Google Translate I was under the impression that the article was saying that Sailor Saturn’s actress would be revealed in the future. A bit of a “Who’s on first” sort of misunderstanding on my part. Apologies for my somewhat sloppy reporting! Hopefully the next cast members revealed aren’t single word names which mean “To be determined” and “Actress”.

Mirai as Chiriko in the Fushigi Yuugi stage play

Source: @stage_fushigi, @mirai0913_as, Mirai Official Blog, Mirai Profile

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13 thoughts on “Mirai is Sailor Saturn in the next Sailor Moon musical

  1. Won’t Toei reveal the release date for season IV of Crystal already. It is getting ridiculous… They better give us 20 something episodes, includin Starts, so the wait would worth it. Or they will drag that for the 30th anniversary…

    • Oh, so you too you everytime there’s a new, you have that hope for 1/2 second that it’ll be about Crystal before you read the title of the actual new?

  2. So for the first time since Sailor Moon Crystal came out I’ve finally had the time and privacy to sit down and watch it. And O to the M to the G. I LOVE it ahhhhhhh it’s so good! It’s SO well done and I love it. I love it.

    Still, I prefer the original anime but SMC is SOOOOO good!!!!

    Just wanted to share.

    • I feel bad for you Luke, but I guess it was just a joke made by Adam because of the picture where Mirai (as herself, and not as Sailor Saturn) poses with Volcanion and Pikachu. It’s nothing official about a Sailor Moon/Pokémon crossover. But don’t stop dreaming about that crossover :) . I’m sure it will happen someday, and instead of being an official crossover, maybe it will be made by fans, and maybe you’ll have a huge part in it :) ?

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