The Sailor Moon Amour Eternal musical is now available to download and watch with English subtitles

Sailor Moon Amour Eternal Musical - Watching the eclipse

The latest Sailor Moon musical, Amour Eternal, recently played in Japan. The final performance was available to download through a number of Japanese on demand services however this was little help to international fans who couldn’t speak the language or even access these services which were limited to a Japanese audience. As per usual the people at Miss Dream have subtitled this musical and have made it available on their web site.

Sailor Moon Amour Eternal Musical - The Amazon Trio

For the first time the musical is available on HD. The previous musicals were likely shot on old cameras and released only in standard definition. The video in this release seems better. I hope this means we will be getting a Blu-Ray release of this musical instead of the sub standard interlaced DVDs we’ve seen for the last three.

Sailor Moon Amour Eternal Musical

I haven’t had the time to watch the musical yet but look forward to doing so and maybe doing a review which is something I always drag my feet on for the musicals. Thanks to Miss Dream for subtitling this musical and for Twitter user aeors00 for supplying them with the raw version of the musical.

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9 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon Amour Eternal musical is now available to download and watch with English subtitles

  1. 10 minutes in and it’s become clear they’re copying…sorry, “rebooting”…the original SuperS musical. Not cool. All this does is remind me how vastly VASTLY SUPERIOR the songs written by Kosaka Akiko were to the bland garbage in these new musicals. This is actually borderline insulting.

    (A bad sign was when Chibiusa knew Helios was looking for her at the very beginning – that kind of defeats the ENTIRE POINT OF THE STORY, which is that Chibiusa thinks Helios is looking for *Usagi*…)

    • PS: I would much hear see the Amazon Trio sing “Amazon Kara Circus Dan ga Yatte Kita” (with – omg – REAL INSTRUMENTS!) than a half-@ssed copy of the Oompa Loompa song from Charlie and Chocolate Factory (another poor excuse for a “reboot” that just reminds you how good the original was).

      • OH DEAR GOD. She said “Moon Eternal Make Up” instead of “Silver Moon Crystal Power Make Up”. Three years of intentionally completely avoiding the the cartoon down the toilet. Time to call it day, guys. No more musicals, please. Move along.

        • Okay, half way through and it’s not as bad as I was afraid it would be… ♥ Still some strange choices and the music is awwwwwwwwwful, but it’s closer to the comic than the beginning made it seem. The actors are good, and the dancers are incredible as always.

          I wonder if you’ll be able to buy the cutlery pajamas Mamoru was wearing from the Sailor Moon fan club for ¥40.000?

          • Uh… Hmm. Okay. So, to summarize: If Queen Serenity had been smart like Usagi and healed Nehelenia instead of locking her in a mirror, the Silver Millennium would never have been destroyed and none of this ever would have happened – or, in other words, Queen Serenity was an immature b*tch. Also, Haruka and Michiru are selfish brats who go off for months at a time and leave Setsuna alone with the baby (no), someone thought it was best to reveal that the Amazon Trio were animals and had no dreams and show their response to it – one of the big reveals of the story – during a throwaway gag scene before Act 2 even started (since any pesky plot like that would have gotten in the way of the complete nothing that happened during the second act), and Sailor Moon has rosacea.

            It’s also amazing that this show was two-and-a-half hours long and they somehow still managed to forget half of the plot threads. (Minako worries she’s a bad leader, proves it by trying to fight alone, and then…nothing?)

            PS: Having Nehelenia refer to herself as “yami no joou”, which was Queen Beryl’s catch phrase in the old musicals, was a bad choice – especially since the actress sounded exactly like Nishina Yuri when she said it.

            And lastly…yes, once again, this translation is riddled with mistakes. Hurrying to finish quickly is not an excuse – no matter how fast you’re going, “bara” does not mean “flower”, and “ohanayasan” does not mean “bride”.

            Complaining is fun! ♥♥♥

    • Hmm, I don’t know for “hohanayasan” but Bara means rose, so it isn’t really a mistake there. As for Queen Serenity, it’s a bit exagerrated to call her “immature” just because she didn’t have the time to think before sealing Bentleys Nehelennia for what she thought would be forever. Besides, I agree that the idea of just recreating an old myu out of laziness in a stage who is supposed to follow the manga and only the manga is just shitty, but there WERE some good points to this myu : the dancer who played Helios was a freaking goddess,the plot twist about him was something I absolutely did not expect, Yamato Yuuga was a star as always, and their relationship (no spoilers for those who didn’t watch it yet) was just amazing. I loved Moon’s voice but I wish she had more solos.

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