A brief review of the new Sailor Moon game for Android phones

Sailor Moon Official App Game

Last week I made a post about a new Official Sailor Moon app for Android phones. At the time I mentioned that the included game was only available to members of the Fan Club. This is not technically correct. One does not need an actual paid Fan Club membership to use the game. They are in fact able to play it if they have an account for the Fan Club web site even if they never completed registration for the Fan Club, which requires a payment and for them to live in Japan, or use a deputy service. The bad news? You can’t sign up for such an account anymore. The kind of good news? I did sign up for such an account while trying to get a Fan Club membership before hitting a wall and giving up because I didn’t live in Japan. So much to say I was able to use my account to sign in to the app and play this new game. Anyone else with an Android phone who’s in this specific situation can download the app from the Google Play store. The app should be out on iOS devices soon enough.

Sailor Moon Official App Game

I had a pretty terrible time getting this game working. I tried to load it up a few times and managed to play about a game and a half. My phone is terrible and old, hence I can’t take screenshots with it and instead have photos of the phone, but the app also seems to be somewhat unreliable. I spent most of the time staring at a loading screen which seemed frozen. Once I actually got into the game I was surprised to see it wasn’t quite as much like Bust a Move as I expected. Basically you use your finger to pull back and release the orbs in the little tray on the bottom and launch them into similarly coloured orbs. The orbs disappear and you get points. You have a limited time to do this. Honestly I just played that one game. It was frustrating and after a few more frozen load screens, freezing games and finally a freezing time up screen when I completed a game, I didn’t want to play any more. The game isn’t all that great and it doesn’t have much to do with Sailor Moon, aside from having Sailor Moon symbols and characters. I hope you find my review less disappointing than the actual game.

Sailor Moon Official App Game

Thanks to Rem and Erica for leaving comments which helped me to get this game working.

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7 thoughts on “A brief review of the new Sailor Moon game for Android phones

    • Hi! If you have just an online account with the fan club you need to log in to your account on the app itself in order to play.

      Click the long purple button at the bottom of the intro page to log in. Once you are logged in, you can access the game by clicking the pink button on the bottom right side of the screen.

      Each level has a villain to beat, and each villain that appears is in chronological order of the Sailor Moon Story Line. The higher the Level the harder it gets.

      When you point the arrow, try to get as many of the orbs of the same color you selected. The more orbs successfully hit the better chance of defeating the level. Also note that you must play quickly! Underneath the villain, you will see a blue line: that’s the villains health. The more you hit them the blue will diminsh. This helps in knowing how much more is needed to defeat them. The timer is in the top left. When you are almost out of time, it will begin to flash red.
      If you beat the villain with time left to spare, tuxedo Kamen will replace the villain and essentially you get this to make bonus points. The game keeps record of your high scores, try to beat them! You’ll get more crystals too!

      During game play, points and crystals will build up, and also the power-up of whichever Senshi you are playing. If you score enough points quickly the powerup can be used and will light up with a sound effect on the bottom left. For Sailor Moon her attack is her Boomerang attack.

      As you progress in the game you and your Senshi will level up as well. I think the highest is level 5 for each senshi.

      In order to get more senshi click the makeup! Button on the main map page of the game. There you will see a page with Sailor Box on it.
      If you have enough crystals the box will give you a senshi to play. I don’t know for sure if it is random or chronological order. My first box was Sailor Moon.

      Another way to build up crystals is by receiving Silver Crystals/Ginzuishou in the daily gift box on the upper right part of the map screen. You can exchange them for more crystals in the Sailor Box. You also recieve crystals in the daily gift box after you emptied your hearts.

      This is the gist of the game, if I learn anything new I’ll share it here.
      Hope that helps!

  1. Another Update:
    I didn’t play for a day and it logged me out.
    I tried logging back in and it said that I must have paid membership to use the app.


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