What colour is Princess Serenity’s dress?

What colour is Princess Serenity's dress?

Does Princess Serenity’s iconic dress look white and gold or blue and black to you?

What about in this Animal Crossing screenshot which isn’t even doctored?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Palatial Tank Dress - Princess Serenity's dress

See the original image:

Serenity - Sailor Moon R movie

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8 thoughts on “What colour is Princess Serenity’s dress?

  1. Oh f**k, et tu Adam?

    Look, it was confirmed yesterday on NPR, it’s blue and black. Now we can put it to rest? There’s less annoying internet sensations to become obsessed with, right?

  2. Uggh here too? -_- I know its meant to be a joke but how about we stick to actual news instead of turning into a joke…

  3. Cut it out with this meme. It was started in the first place to troll someone mentally ill and it isn’t funny. Really disappointed to see it pop up on this website.

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