Pre-order Bandai’s Sailor Mars S. H. Figuarts figure

Sailor Mars S. H. Figuarts figure

The pre-order for Bandai’s Sailor Mars S. H. Figuarts figure has been available on Amazon for a few weeks now but I didn’t get a chance to post about it but that’s okay because it’s a pre-order! The figure won’t be released in North American until January 15th. You can get the figure a bit earlier if you import it from Japan but be prepared to pay for it in shipping! The figure is out on December 31st in Japan so you won’t be getting it that much sooner, as compared to other figures. You can pre-order it from sites like JList, CD Japan, YesAsia or Amazon Japan.

Can’t wait to get a figure? The Sailor Moon figure is actually out and you can get it now from Amazon! It’s been out for a while in Japan and has just been released in North America. Many fans have already gotten their figures (mine is still in the mail) but if you didn’t pre-order it you can order it now and it will ship right away. Sailor Mercury is also available for pre-order from Amazon for a December 15th release date. If you’re impatient you can import the toy from sites like CD Japan or Amazon Japan and it will ship on October 31st.

We also now finally have colour pictures of the Sailor Venus figure, previously seen only as a prototype, and the Sailor Jupiter figure which we hadn’t seen before. Check out this group shot from the S. H. Figuarts Sailor Moon site.

Sailor Venus, Mars, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter S. H. Figuarts figures from Bandai

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6 thoughts on “Pre-order Bandai’s Sailor Mars S. H. Figuarts figure

  1. Unfortunately, I will not be buying any other scout after the disappointment with the Sailor Moon figure. I will just have to wait until the other figures are released from other companies.

    • Really? I LOVED the figure! It’s so detailed, the paint job is awesome, and she can do just about any pose! So many extra parts… what didn’t you like about it?

    • I too would like to know what you didn’t like about the figure. I received mine in the mail through amazon and everything was in tip top shape…. even the box! Her paints are not as….. glossy (would be a good term) as my figma figures but she’s still a beautiful doll!!

      • I enjoyed the aesthetics of the figure. It is spot on to the character but after my excitement wore off I started to examine it more closely.

        The bangs are not completely painted and looks as though they ran out of paint. I realize her pig tails have that translucent effect, but it doesn’t look quite right on her bangs. Also, the pegs that go into her head were covered with paint that wore off after changing her face type (it also made it REALLY hard to remove her bangs). She also feels too light (like really cheap), I was worried about damaging her face and hair because she felt too delicate. One pig tail looks a little ..”off” and will not stay in her bun, just keeps pooping out.

        She only has one hand that will hold her wand, and the hole is a little big. On the one hand the peg joint looks like it could break easily with the slightest wrong move.

        The joint at the waist will not move at all due to her skirt being in the way. The (not so pretty) joints in her shoulders are really visible and only hidden in very particular poses.
        The joints themselves are also very visible unless it’s the skin (the skin is a matte finish just like the joint so it blends better) the paint job makes the other joints stand out more, dull white joints pearlescent white paint, dull red ankle with shiny magenta paint etc.

        Also, the stand is awkward with the clamp around the waist and topples easily if the figure isn’t balanced right. Meaning less poses as she would just topple over. (Luna likes to tip too since she’s just balancing on her little feet)

        Basically I love the fact that there are new figures coming out, and this one is beautiful to look at, but I won’t be buying the entire set. I have my 1st edition moon dolly but I can’t justify spending on getting the rest when I feel the quality could be better :)

  2. Does one knows if there would be a SH Figuarts for Tuxedo Mask and a Prince/King Endymion, princess/neo queen serenity and princess rini? I hope they would, that would really complete my day and set! Including the starlight s and kakyuu princess and chibichibi! I’m asking too much aren’t I?

    Does anyone finds it weird there’s no princess kakyuu merchandise? Or is it just me?

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