Some images appear to be from a Sailor V anime that was almost made before Sailor Moon

Sailor V anime - Sailor V, Minako and Artemis

Some very interesting images surfaced online last week and started making the rounds in the Sailor Moon fan community yesterday, October 3rd. The earliest sign of these I could find were a series of Tweets from user @ayumikapimofu who posted a number of photos of a “new program plan” for both Sailor Moon and Sailor V. The Sailor V program appears to show details for a planned Sailor V anime based on the Codename Sailor V manga. This was in the works before that plan was abandoned in favour of a Sailor Moon anime which eventually became the show which was released in 1992. Along with the booklet featuring Naoko Takeuchi’s art are three colour images which appear to be from a Sailor V anime. These include characters from the Codename Sailor V manga as well as all new characters from this anime.

Sailor V Anime - Sailor V, Mamoru, a Rei clone and Hikaru

What’s in here is really interesting! We have Minako as Sailor V, obviously. Along with her were three girls who didn’t transform themselves, or aren’t shown to do so in these images. The one we know of is Hikaru, a girl who strongly resembles Ami from the Sailor V manga who is Minako’s friend and classmate. We also have a Makoto like character named Mamoru and a Rei like character to round out the group. Although there’s no Usagi equivalent, aside from Minako herself, this more or less resembles the group from the first season of the Sailor Moon anime. The villain seen in this is Ashura, a Jadeite looking character with blue hair. Ashura also resembles Higashi, the Dark Agency’s enemy from the first Sailor V story.

Sailor V anime - Ashura

I also spotted what looks to be the Rei type character seen through the page preceding the image of Hikaru. Messing around with the contrast it looks like she could have a crow on her shoulders. It’s also possible this is Natsuna Sakurada, the Superintendent General of the police who is obsessed with Sailor V. She has similar long black hair to Rei.

Sailor V Program - Is this Rei?

Are these authentic? It’s hard to say. These appear to have originated in a Yahoo! Auctions Japan listing which is no longer online. The art in the book looks like Naoko Takeuchi’s so those documents may be authentic but the colour images seem to be something else and their origin is not clear at all. These don’t look like some sort of concept art but rather high quality images from never before seen finished footage which I’ve never heard of, so this does strike me as a bit suspicious. Could there have been actual animation for this made and hidden for nearly 30 years? Perhaps these were just colour mock ups made in the style of what the finished animation might look like, even if no full scenes were animated. Alternatively a fan have made this art themselves inspired by the content of this booklet which is more or less a show Bible. The art style very much resembles that of an early 90s anime! I’m not able to make a definitive call one way or another. It seems plausible this is authentic, but that doesn’t mean it certainly is.

Sailor V Anime Program Plan - Index page

What’s next? Hopefully whoever buys this thing ends up scanning this or at least getting some better photos of it and then someone can do a good job of translating some of this text. If there’s more art where this came from I would love to see it but if it took nearly 30 years for this to surface new information about this series may be as elusive as the Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon pilot! I’ll be sure to post any more information about this if I get any!


I first heard about this on the Facebook page which includes some decent images.

The earliest images I found were posted on Twitter on September 25th. These included an image of “new program plans” for Sailor Moon and Sailor V, the first page of the Sailor V program, a manga image from RunRun, a colour image of Sailor V, Minako and Artemis, the group image of Sailor V, Mamoru, a Rei like character and Hikaru, an image of Ashura, Naoko Takeuchi’s illustration of Ashura, a photo of all three anime images, a post with many images including the Sailor V program index which hadn’t been posted separately.

Keep reading for more images from this book.

Sailor Moon and Sailor V "program plan" covers

Sailor V Anime Program Plan - Sailor V from RunRun

Sailor V Anime Program Plan - Sailor V and her entourage

Sailor V Anime Program Plan - Sailor V, Minako and Artemis

Sailor V Anime Program Plan - Close up of Ashura

Sailor V Anime Program Plan - Ashura

Sailor V Anime Program Plan - Ashura

Sailor V Anime Program Plan - A Sailor V page

Sailor V Anime Program Plan - Hikaru and an image of Sailor V and her friends

Sailor V anime - images

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9 thoughts on “Some images appear to be from a Sailor V anime that was almost made before Sailor Moon

  1. It’s always interesting to see what might have been if a Sailor V anime had been made. That being said, if these images are real, perhaps some of the characters would have been too close to characters from the main series. And I can’t see that being a plus.

  2. I think I’ll always have a sense of disbelief that Sailor V never got an anime, like a movie or a special at least. Especially so since the Sailor Moon manga/anime presented Sailor V as a well known character within the story even before Minako joined the team. That half-assed episode they did in the first season with her and Katarina doesn’t cut it.

  3. Do you think the people currently behind Crystal will give us a faithful anime adaption of Codename: Sailor V? I wish they would.

  4. If this is a fake, it’s a well made one. The style is definitely early 90s and the new characters match the early spec sheet we’ve seen before with smoking proto-Makoto. Not too hard to believe that the sheet was repurposed from a Sailor V concept doc.

    Looks like the initial concept was Sailor V alone with a support cast. Those three look like they would have played a similar role to their eventual sucesssors: Hikaru being the brains, Mamoru being the brawn, and Miyabi having spiritual powers. Wild to see the colours so different. Minako’s hair changes to a bright gold compared to her civilian form.

    Man, I’d watch the hell out of that show.

    • It’ll be almost 30 years soon since the original anime was aired and I find it kinda weird this V-chan anime materials popped out of nowhere. But then the question is, what would be the point of making this beside boosting the value of fake collectible. If this is real, then it’s amazing but if it’s fake – then someone was *really* bored during pandemic.

      I’d like to believe there’s still chance to finalize Crystal, release the side stories and a place for Sailor V series but seeing what gives Toei money nowadays, how anime itself looks like and around what themes revolves, I doubt this gonna happen.

  5. The picture before Hikaru’s is Miyabi Yoruno. It is the same picture from the infinity artbook and she is holding an ofuda.

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