Sailor Moon cosplay at Fan Expo

Sailor Moon crossplayer at Fan Expo

Fan Expo was this past weekend in Toronto. I was in attendance dressed as Kunzite and tried to take a photo of all of the Sailor Moon cosplayers I could find. Did I miss any?

Also at this year’s Fan Expo I was able to get interviews with John Stocker, voice actor and voice director for the later seasons of Sailor Moon and Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars. Both of those will be posted to the site in the coming days.

Keep reading for more cosplay photos.

Sailor Jupiter cosplay at Fan ExpoSailor Moon cosplay at Fan ExpoSailor Mars cosplay at Fan ExpoSailor Moon cosplay at Fan ExpoSailor Venus cosplay at Fan ExpoSailor Mercury cosplay at Fan ExpoSailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask cosplay at Fan Expo

It’s great to see Sailor Moon still represented after all these years. If next year’s series is as big as we’re all hoping, we should see even more Sailor Moon cosplay at next year’s con.

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One thought on “Sailor Moon cosplay at Fan Expo

  1. Sailor Venus here!! (in above pic ^)Good to see you got pics of some great Sailor Scout outfits!! I missed the Sailor Jupiter, she is the only Scout I didn’t personally see or get a pic of! I did see a few other scouts you missed! There was a Chibbi Moon, another Mars and Venus, 2 more Moons and one more Tuxedo Mask I saw throughout the day. If you like I could send them to you! :)

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