Sailor Moon Panels at Otakon 2008

Otakon 2008 - Sailor Moon Panels Banner

This year’s Otakon had a great Sailor Moon showing with 2 fan panels lead by Lilly-chan. One was for “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”, the live action series from a few years ago, and the other was for Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of the Sailor Moon manga, among other things.

I was asked to record both videos to share with the Sailor Moon fan community over at Genvid.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fan Panel:

Panel features Lilly-chan, Yoshinex and Sakura with Kungpow and Moon Jump doing the game demo.

Naoko Takeuchi Fan Panel:

Panel features Kungpow, Lilly-chan, Yoshinex and Moon Jump.

Also at this year’s convention were two Sailor Moon animators Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita who did a great panel but my camera ate the footage.

Links to various pages mentioned in the two videos appear below.

The Sailor Moon games demoed at Destiny Revival.

Genvid Sailor Moon fan site.

Warriors of Legend Sailor Moon book.

Lilly-chan’s Tsuki Mubi music video contest.

Lilly-chan’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fanlisting.

Moon Jump’s Press Start Comic.

Episode downloads at #TV-Nihon and Veoh.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon The RPG.

Sailor Moon games at Sailor V Game.

Open Beats of Rage from LavaLit.

Moon Chase blog featuring Sailordees.

Official Sailor Moon page updated by Naoko Takeuchi.

Sailor Moon Infinity Art Book scan and translations at Manga Style!.

Manga translations at The Manga of Naoko Takeuchi.

Oh and if you’re looking for me I do appear in both videos. In the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon panel I’m the overly enthusiastic Mars/Venus pairing fan and in the Naoko Takeuchi panel I’m the guy who knows how many episodes of Sailor Stars there are as well as the faceless voice talking about the Infinity art book. You can also hear me laughing loudly at times as I have a loud laugh and was sitting only a few feet from the camera…

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One thought on “Sailor Moon Panels at Otakon 2008

  1. there were huge differences (or I didn’t think I did?) bsuecae there aren’t. All I was saying was that names and terms have been localized in some of the manga I’ve been buying recently from Viz, including newer stuff. We most likely are reading different mangas though, since most (if not all) of the ones I’m referring to I haven’t seen you post about. And actually, I don’t watch as much anime as I read manga either, and I also don’t usually watch dubs. The video game mangas I was referring to I knew about the localization already from playing the English games, and the manga I was referring to I knew the difference from the different names than the original and from researching and realizing that the names being used were the localized ones used in the anime dub. 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Sometimes there will be one or two though I’ll think is just being a bit overly sensitive about something (i.e. thinking it’ll come across as worse than it does) but meh, doesn’t usually happen in my experience at least. That’s true. Never said it wasn’t really.Sure did! I can’t remember what it was called either at the moment, but I did read it and find it very interesting and informative. And I noticed that! That’s very impressive of you since some bloggers aren’t as thorough, but I’m glad you are since it makes it so much easier to find things. Oh I see then, I obviously didn’t know not being familiar with the manga or anything about it. Was just speculating possibilities is all. That’s cool that it was the first manga to be released in English simultaneously with the Japanese chapters though, that’s awesome! I hope more series will end up getting the same treatment sometime. 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My guess is Viz fears catching up for the possibility of infrequent releases of future volumes, but most manga series have some sort of release schedule in Japan so I’m not too sure if that’s really the case or not. While there always will be scanlations no matter what pretty much, if Viz was completely up to date with more series and translated volumes pretty much as soon as they came out, I think it would decrease the demand for them even more and make there be less readers of them. Just my opinion on the matter. I do agree with you though that if fans bought more of the books for any manga series it would (most likely) make companies release books at a faster pace. (although I have known Viz to do some different things instead when they get good sales, on a couple manga) Because like you said, the better the sales the more attention a manga will get. And most if not all companies are pretty good at that.

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