Sailor Moon S The Movie is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray October 2nd

Sailor Moon S The Movie Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack

Following its recent theatrical release Sailor Moon S The Movie is coming to home video on October 2nd! Listings for the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack as well as just the DVD have shown up on the Viz web site, Right Stuf (Blu-Ray, DVD) and Amazon (Blu-Ray, DVD). MSRP for the combo set is a reasonable $29.99 with some sites selling it for a few dollars less. This is a good price for anyone who remembers spending more than twice that for coloured VHS tapes back in the day! The DVD is quite a bit cheaper but given the quality of the Blu-Ray this seems like it would be a poor choice for fans. Even if you don’t have a Blu-Ray player it’s worth the extra $10 to get the combo pack and have it for the future. If you’re planning on buying the set on Amazon you can support the site by using the links below.

Sailor Moon S The Movie Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack - Back

With the back of the packaging we get details of what’s included in this release though there isn’t much that’s surprising here. The technical specs say it’s 1080p and 16×9 aspect ratio which is the standard as Blu-Ray and what we saw with Sailor Moon R The Movie. This is also likely the same quality video for what fans saw in theatres. Though I didn’t get a chance to see Sailor Moon S The Movie theatrically I would say it’s likely the video quality was high. The master used for the Japanese movie release was of a very high quality and the Sailor Moon R The Movie Blu-Ray we got was comparable in quality. These are mastered from the original film source, not upscaled using software like the TV series releases, which means a very high level of detail in the image. Also mentioned are the English and Japanese audio for those wanting to see it in English or to experience the original film with subtitles. This is Viz’s new dub of the Sailor Moon S movie including the cast we previously reported on. This includes Chris Hackeny as Kakeru, the human Luna falls in love with, Claudia Lenz as Himeko, his love interest, and Melissa Fahn as Princess Snow Kaguya, the alien who’s trying to kill them and everyone else on Earth. Also included are interviews with that English cast, trailers and more. The statement “Remastered for the first time in high definite!~” conveniently ignores the recent Japanese release.

Sailor Moon S The Movie - Luna kisses Kakeru

No mention at this time of when Sailor Moon SuperS: The Nine Sailor Guardians Unite! Miracle of the Black Dream Hole will be released on Blu-Ray along with the Ami’s First Love special though, given both were released in theatres within a week, it shouldn’t be too long. Do you plan on picking up this release?

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20 thoughts on “Sailor Moon S The Movie is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray October 2nd

  1. I would really like to know if they plan on releasing a box set for all three movies (so they match the seasons) before I go buying all the movies individually. I kind if that’s what they were going to do since this one and the third one were shown in theaters do close together.

    • Good question! The price of these is pretty good but if they bundled them I imagine it would be even cheaper. I recall the “Dream Box” for the original dub of the films having all three DVDs. I had already bought them individually so I never got it.

  2. So glad to see this released so soon! I just wish the R movie cover would have a similar design! Glad they decided to keep this cover simple ;)

  3. Hopefully they will re-release R with a similar cover.I didn’t absolutely hate the cover for R…it wasn’t appealing as a bluray cover.

  4. omg best news of the day, glad its not taking very long after the very limited theatre release (1 weekend only) and it wasn’t even in my city to begin with, honestly the very simple look of the box is off putting to me personally especially after the wtf were they smoking for the R movie, preordered this and ready for this and super s part 2 not to mention the hopefully soon announcement of super s the movie, wonder how much longer we will have to wait to get a cast announcement for stars???

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